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Historic and Specimen Tree Program

Historic Tree Sign Sample

Historic and Specimen Tree Program (Metro Code 17.40.450) - There are many magnificent trees in our county that are stellar example of their species, are associated with a historical site or person, or story. They are a source of shared pride in our community and this program acknowledges, honors, and values them. There are countless of reasons why a tree could be considered special in some way, and this program sets out the guidelines as well as the process to formally designate a tree as a 'Historic and Specimen Tree'.

If you or someone you know is aware of a special tree, please complete the nomination application so the tree can be recognized! Historic and Specimen Trees must meet one of the following criteria and can be a single tree or group of trees:

  • The tree(s) is an exceptional size and age.
  • The trees(s) is/are commonly recognized as an established and familiar feature of the community, or can be confirmed as a significant part of the community’s heritage.
  • The tree(s) was/were planted by, or as a memorial to, or associated with, a nationally, regionally, or state recognized individual, group, event, or cause, and is confirmed to be more than 50 years old.

Note: A Historic Tree must meet the following requirement: The tree(s) was/were a direct witness to a historic event or cultural movement that was significant nationally, regionally, or within the state and can be confirmed to date to that time.

To nominate a tree, approval of the owner is required. Submit Historic and Specimen Tree Program online or via mail:

Metro Tree Advisory Committee, Attn: Jennifer Smith, Metro Public Works
750 South Fifth Street
Nashville, TN 37206

Download Historic and Specimen Trees Program Nomination Application

Once your application is submitted, the Metro Advisory Tree Committee will review the application, inspect the tree and make a recommendation if it deems the tree as meeting the criteria for the Historic and Specimen Tree program. Once a tree has been included in the program, the deed restriction binds current and future property owners from removing the tree without a finding that it is a hazard or that it is not economically feasible to develop the parcel without removing the tree.

Historic and Specimen Tree Deed Restriction Sample

Historic and Specimen Tree Deed Restriction Release Sample