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Water Services

Litter Prevention for Clean Waterways

Help keep trash out of the streams - throw trash in the trash can!

Every time it rains, rainwater runs off the land and picks up pollutants such as dirt, oil, pet waste, fertilizers, and—yes—litter! 18% of all littered items end up in our streams and waterways.

Litter has environmental consequences. Wind and weather, traffic, and animals move litter into gutters, lawns and landscaped areas, alleyways, and parking structures. Debris may be carried by storm drains into local waterways, with potential for serious environmental contamination.

Community Residents

  • Make sure your trash cans have lids that can be securely fastened or use bungee cords to hold them in place.
  • Secure all bags and use twine to secure loose trash for curbside trash collection.
  • Tie paper into bundles before placing into curbside recycling bins.

Every Individual

  • Set an example for others, especially family, co-workers, friends, and children by using trash and/or recycling receptacles and not littering.
  • Don't place litter, of any kind, into the storm drains.
  • Always have available a litter bag in your car.
  • If you are a smoker, carry and use a portable or pocket ashtray.
  • If you see litter, pick it up!