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Medication Disposal

Prescription bottle with text: Dispose of with care, The right Prescription for safe water, find out more:

Do you know what to do with expired and unused medications?

Keep medications out of our water by disposing of them properly.

Metro residents can bring all kinds of unused, expired, or over-the-counter medications to certain Metro Police Precincts.

Learn more about medication disposal sites.

Follow these simple steps to get rid of unwanted medications in your trash at home.:

  • Remove medications from the original packaging.
  • Mix medications with unpalatable waste such as coffee grounds or pet waste.
  • Dispose of with other household trash.

As analytical methods improve, pharmaceutical compounds and personal care products are being found at very low levels in many of our nation’s lakes, rivers and streams. To date, research throughout the world has not demonstrated an impact on human health from pharmaceuticals in drinking water. The best and most cost-effective way to ensure safe water at the tap is to keep our source waters clean. You can help by refraining from flushing unused medications down toilet or sink.

Learn more about pharmaceuticals and personal care products in drinking water

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Medicine disposal box with text: Safely dispose of your old and unused medicine, do not flush or pour medicine down the drain
Medicine disposal box