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Water Services

Scoop The Poop

Dog waste left on the ground can find its way to nearby creeks and streams and ultimately to the Cumberland River. These contaminants can increase harmful bacteria levels in our water ways… negatively impacting water quality.

Pet waste is a major cause of E.Coli in Nashville’s streams and rivers. Bacteria found in dog feces can cause serious diseases in humans if contaminated water comes in contact with an open wound or is ingested. Many children and adults spend time playing and fishing in local streams

Help keep our streams clean. Please Scoop the Poop!

What to do with dog poo

Trash it!

Pet waste can be placed in a bag and tossed into the garbage can. Landfills are specially designed to protect ground water from trash related pollution.

Flush it!

Placed in the toilet by itself (no plastic bags, please), pet waste goes where other waste goes — to the waste treatment plant or into your septic system.

Spread the word

Get the scoop on poop.