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Prevent sewer clogs and overflows

graphic: "fog dog", Grease in a manhole, Text: never pour grease or oil in the sink or drain, no fog dog reminds us to always recycle fats, oils and grease. Fats, oils, & grease blockage at a Sewer Manhole

Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG)

Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) that go down the drains can cause clogs in your household pipes as well as in the sanitary sewers. FOG clogs can cause sewer overflows in your neighborhood. Sanitary sewer overflows pollute Nashville’s streams and present a health hazard to people, pets and wildlife.

  • Do NOT pour any cooking oils or grease into your kitchen sink or other drain lines.
  • Pour all used cooking oils and grease into a small container so it can cool and harden.
  • When the container is full, cap the container or cover it tightly, place in a bag to prevent leakage and put in garbage container.
  • Dry wipe all pots, pans and plates before washing in sink or dishwasher. Use paper towels and wipe grease and food contents into a garbage container.
  • If you have a kitchen sink garbage grinder, use this as little as possible since food particles and grease from the grinded material will still clog your pipes and affect the downstream sewer system.
  • Recycle your residential cooking grease

Help FOG dog spread the word!

Grease Interceptor and Grease Trap Certification offered by MWS

Who should attend?

Those individuals that will be completing grease interceptor and grease trap certification forms, including grease waste haulers, plumbers, and engineers. For grease interceptor and grease trap certifications to be acceptable to Metro Water Services, the individual completing the certification form must attend this class.

What is the cost to attend?

No cost to attend. You must pre-register for the class by 3rd Friday in March & September.  Seating is limited to 30 seats.

What will be included in the certification class?

A review of grease interceptor and grease trap components, maintenance procedures and cleaning methods, followed by a short test. Grease Interceptor and Grease Trap Certification Cards will be issued to individuals completing the class and passing the short test.

How do I pre-register for the Grease Interceptor/Grease Trap Certification Class?

  • Download and complete the Grease Interceptor & Grease Trap Certification Class registration form (currently unavailable).
  • EMAIL the company name and the names of the individuals that will be attending the certification class to  
  • FAX the completed form to 615-862-4581

NOTE: Please pre-register soon. Seating is limited and registration may close early if the limit is reached before the deadline.  If you have any questions, or need additional information, contact Metro Water Services, Environmental Compliance Section at (615) 862-4590.