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Water Services

School and Group Water and Wastewater Education Programs

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Metro Water Services offers free educational resources and classroom presentations concerning water, wastewater and stormwater for students of all ages and tours for students 5th grade and above. Students will learn about the value of clean, safe and dependable water and how to make sound water-use decisions now and in the future.

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Virtual Tours and Classes

Learn from home on your time schedule with our virtual tours and classes.

Request a Classroom Program or Student Tour

Use one of the following form options to request one of our education program offerings or tours.

Classroom Presentations

These programs are presented at your school. Pre-visit information will be sent out with confirmation of program registration. Post-visit student activities will be provided.

3rd - 5th Grade Program

The Journey of Your Water: a video tour of the Omohundro Water Treatment Plant.

Filmed at Metro Water Services Omohundro Water Treatment Plant, this video takes your students through each step of the water treatment process. (30-45 minutes; 12 minute video + presentation). Also available as a teacher-led activity; Metro Water Services will provide a copy of the video and related activities.

3rd Grade Program

When It Rains, Does It Have To Flood?

During this classroom program, your students will all participate in a hands on demonstration using a model to observe how flooding occurs, and the impact on humans and the environment. They will try out solutions to prevent, or lessen the impact of flooding. (30-45 minutes)

4th Grade Program

The Water Cycle and Me

Using an interactive model of a community and its river (just like Nashville!), this presentation demonstrates the water cycle and how each individual plays a role in keeping our water clean and safe. (30-45 minutes)

5th - 12th Grade Program

What Happens to the Water: Point Source and Non-Point Source Pollution

Using an interactive model, students will learn about point source and non-point source pollution and best management practices to prevent water pollution in our community. (45 minutes)

Schedule A Speaker

In addition to our education programs for students, Metro Water Services offers professional presentations concerning water, wastewater, and stormwater for a variety of special events, conferences, and workshops. To schedule a presentation, use our online form to request a speaker.

Plant Tours

The Tours

  • The K.R. Harrington Water Treatment Plant
  • Whites Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Biosolids Facility Tour

Group Tours

  • School groups (5th - 12th grade) with one adult chaperone for every 10 students.
  • College students
  • Professional or Community Organizations
  • Government and Industry professionals

Tour Information

  • Tours are approximately one hour in duration.
  • Portions of the tour are outside and walking and climbing stairs is involved.
  • Appropriate attire is required which includes closed toe shoes and clothing/accessories for expected weather.
  • Due to safety concerns, visitors dressed inappropriately may not be able to tour the entire facility.
  • To request a tour, please use our online program registration form.

Plant Tour Policy for Teachers & Students.

  • Plant Tour Policy
  • Tours are scheduled on a first come first served basis and depend on staff availability.
  • To request a tour, please use our online program registration form.
  • All tour participants must remain under the control and guidance of the tour guide
  • Follow all safety and site specific requirements (which will be explained at the beginning of each tour)
  • Any person or group deviating from the guided tour or disregarding safety requirements will be escorted from the facility.