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Water Services

Wastewater Treatment Plant Virtual Tour

Virtual Video Tour of Metro Water Services Waste Water Treatment Plant:

aerial view of one of Nashville's wastewater treatment plants

Take a quick look at what happens when poop happens.

Getting Started

Take an in-depth look at the wastewater treatment process.

Metro Water Services goes above and beyond. We use the latest technology, including ultra violet light to disinfect water before it returns to the river. Our Whites Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant is a zero-chemical plant! We plan to use ultra violet light at all three of our wastewater plants in the future.

You can help prevent toilet clogs. Learn what not to flush!

Meet one of our employees

Wastewater treatment operator

Further study

Find out what you need to learn to pass the wastewater treatment plant operator test by studying these introduction to wastewater treatment training materials.

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Classes and Activities

Working in Water

All across the country, water utilities are recruiting new employees. In the next five years, about one-third of all water employees will be at retirement age. Find out if these jobs are for you by visiting the American Water Works Association career center.

Metro Water Services posts job openings on the Metro Government Jobs site.

Jobs at the water treatment plants include: