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Water Services

Wastewater Treatment

We reclaim used water at our three wastewater treatment plants: Central, Dry Creek, and Whites Creek. We treat an average of 186 million gallons of water a day and can treat up to 500 million gallons of water a day during heavy rain. We maintain more than 3,000 miles of sewer pipes, the largest being 16 feet wide.

When you go, where does it go?

poop character with feet and arms

When dirty water reaches our treatment plants, we...

  • RECLAIM grease and poop and we make it into fertilizer at our biosolids facility,
  • TREAT the water with microorganisms to reduce pathogens (the resulting water is clear), and
  • DISINFECT the water to return it to the river, safe for wildlife and recreation.

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Join us on a tour of our Whites Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.

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Report a Concern

To report a sewer emergency, contact our 24-hour Emergency Dispatch at 615-862-4600 or

Service Area

Davidson County and portions of Sumner, Robertson, Wilson Rutherford, and Williamson counties.

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Sewer Rehabilitation

Metro Water Services sewer rehabilitation program, Clean Water Nashville, was established in 2011 and builds upon decades of work in addressing our sewer capacity across the county. The program includes:

  • updating infrastructure to reduce sewer overflows
  • reducing health risks associated with exposure to bacteria and contaminants
  • improving water quality in the Cumberland River and Davidson County’s extensive network of streams, creeks and tributaries

For more information about the program and upcoming projects, visit the Clean Water Nashville website.