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Water Services

Stormwater Review


The following steps are the process, in order, for Stormwater Review.

  1. Plan Submittal (see below)
  2. Plan Review and Approval
  3. Pre-Construction Meeting
  4. Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control (EPSC) Installation
  5. Initial EPSC Inspection
  6. Grading Permit Issuance
  7. Routine EPSC and MS4 Inspections
  8. As-Built Submittal
  9. Final Inspection and Approval

Plan Submittal Requirements

Plans submittals must include:

  • Development Services Transmittal Form
  • Plans Submittal Form
  • Plans electronically submitted
  • Project Narrative describing the proposed project and how it functions
  • Calculations including stormwater infrastructure, water quantity, water quality, and LID waiver if applicable
  • Drainage maps