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Water Services

Variance & Appeal Information

An owner/applicant or his authorized representative may appeal an adverse decision related to noncompliance with the Stormwater Management Manual (Regulations) to the Metropolitan Stormwater Management Committee (SWMC). An applicant may also request a variance from the stormwater regulations.

Unless otherwise stated, every decision of the Committee shall be final and valid for one (1) year from the date of the decision unless a grading permit or building permit is issued within that period, in which case, the variance expiration date will run concurrent with the permit expiration date.

If you are not satisfied with a decision made by the Stormwater Management Committee, you may appeal the decision by filing for a writ of certiorari with the Davidson County Chancery or Circuit Court. Your appeal must be filed within sixty (60) days of the date of the Committee's decision. You are advised to seek the independent advice of legal counsel to ensure that your appeal is filed in a timely manner and that all procedural requirements have been satisfied.

Meeting Time

8:15 a.m. - 12:00 noon

Meeting Location

Howard Office Building
Sonny West Conference Center
700 2nd Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37210

Inclement Weather Policy

Typically, during inclement weather (snow, for example), if Metro Schools are closed or opening late, the Stormwater Management Committee meeting shall be canceled. However, depending on road or other hazardous conditions, please contact Penny Gilbert at 615-880-2334 for further information on the meeting schedule.


Penny Gilbert
Stormwater Management Committee Coordinator
800 Second Avenue South
P.O. Box 196300
Nashville, TN 37219-6300

Meeting Protocol and Procedures

(February 1, 2018)

  1. Committee members shall have a silent, individual review of the application prior to introduction of each case.
  2. Metro Water staff speaks first on each issue, describing the proposal and presenting staff comments/recommendations.
  3. Following the introduction of the case, the applicant is allowed ten minutes to present their case to the Committee. The applicant may request to reserve two minutes of that time as a rebuttal. Extensions of these time periods may be granted at the discretion of the Chairman in the case of unusually large cases, with unusually complex information, requiring a longer period of time for review.
  4. Members of the public, who support for the requested variance, may have two minutes each to comment on the case.
  5. Public representatives, against the requested variance, may have two minutes each to comment on the case.
  6. Metro Council members may speak on each proposal - at the start of the hearing or at the end of the hearing.
  7. The applicant, Metro Water staff, or others present will then respond to questions from the Committee.
  8. Once a motion and a second to the motion are made to close the public hearing, further discussion is limited to members of the Committee unless they have additional questions for the applicant and/or others.
  9. Chairman has the discretion to extend time or modify the General Meeting Protocol as the Chair deems appropriate.