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Water Services

Water Services Environmental Compliance

The Environmental Compliance Section is responsible for administering the industrial pretreatment program for Metro Water Services and ten satellite communities as required by Federal Regulations 40 CFR 403. The Pretreatment Program regulates the quality of wastewater entering the sewerage system, thereby protecting wastewater treatment plants, biosolids quality, and, ultimately, Nashville and Davidson County’s environment.

A printable copy of our Industrial Discharge Permit Application is available for download in PDF format (Adobe Reader required to view PDF files).

You may mail the original Industrial Discharge Permit Application to:

Metro Water Services
1360 County Hospital Road
Nashville, TN 37218
Attn: Industrial Compliance Section

Or you may email a copy to Environmental Compliance.

Environmental Steps

  1. Industrial Pretreatment
    1. Enforcement Response Plan
    2. Flowmeter Installation Requirements
    3. Excessive Strength Compatible Wastewater Rates
    4. Pretreatment Forms and Applications
      1. Permit Application for Industrial Users
      2. Zero Discharge Certification Statement
      3. Spill/Slug Control Form
      4. Corporate Signature Form
      5. Total Toxic Organics (T.T.O.) Declarative Statement
    5. Pretreatment Best Management Practices
      1. Mercury
      2. Pharmaceutical Disposal
    6. Metro Ordinance BL2010-678
    7. Storm Water Discharge Directive (Dumpster Pad)
    8. Semi-Annual Report (SAR) to TN Dept of Environment and Conservation
  2. Grease Management
    1. Grease Control - Best Management Practices (BMPs)
      1. Grease_Poster(English)
      2. Grease_Poster(Spanish)
      3. Grease_Poster(Chinese)
    2. Grease Application
    3. Fixtures Discharge to GCE
    4. Grease Management Policy
    5. Grease Management Video
    6. Mobile Food Unit
    7. MWS Approved GCE Inspectors
    8. Grease Interceptor Certification - Form A
    9. Grease TRAP Certification - Form B
    10. Grease Brochure
    11. Trap / Interceptor Cleaning Log form
    12. Vent Hood Cleaning Procedures and Regulations
    13. Enforcement Response Guide (FOG ERG)
    14. Residential Grease Management
      1. Residential Grease Control - Best Management Practices (BMPs)
      2. Disposal of Cooking Fats, Oils, & Grease
      3. Residential Cooking FOG Restriction
      4. Educational Decal for Camera / Vactor trucks
      5. No FOG Dog Animation
  3. Waste Haulers
    1. Application to Discharge Septic Tank Waste or Night Soil
    2. New Fee Structure effective Aug. 1, 2009
    3. Septic Tank and Night Soil Hauling Bond
    4. Food Establishment Greasetrap Hauling Bond
    5. MWS Approved Grease Waste Haulers
  4. Dental Amalgam Program
    1. Dental Amalgam Flyer
    2. MWS Dental Amalgam Policy
    3. Link to EPA Dental Amalgam Regulation
    4. Link to Technical and Economic Development Document
    5. Dental Amalgam Program General Permit
    6. Dental Amalgam Application-Certification Form
    7. Dental Amalgam Best Management Practices
    8. Enforcement Response Guide
    9. Approved Amalgam Equipment Manufacturers
    10. ADA Directory of Dental Waste Recyclers

Wastewater Hearing Authority

The Metro Water Services Wastewater Hearing Authority is responsible for enforcing violations of our industrial pretreatment program. The Authority meets quarterly, or as needed, at the Whitson Administration Building, 2nd Floor Conference Room, and all hearings are open to the public. More information, including meeting agendas and minutes, are available on the Wastewater Hearing Authority Committee Information page.

If you have any questions about the Wastewater Hearing Authority, email Jim Snyder.

Grease Interceptor and Grease Trap Certification

  • Date: Classes are scheduled the fourth Thursday in March and in September
  • Time: 9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
  • Location: Metro Water Services Biosolids Facility Conference Room
    1810 Cement Plant Road, Nashville, TN 37208
  • Parking: Across from Biosolids Facility on Cement Plant Road

Who should attend?

Those individuals that will be completing grease interceptor and grease trap certification forms, including grease waste haulers, plumbers, and engineers. For grease interceptor and grease trap certifications to be acceptable to Metro Water Services, the individual completing the certification form must attend this class.

What is the cost to attend?

No cost to attend. You must pre-register for the class by 3rd Friday in March and September. Seating is limited to 30 seats.

What will be included in the certification class?

A review of grease interceptor and grease trap components, maintenance procedures and cleaning methods, followed by a short test. Grease Interceptor and Grease Trap Certification Cards will be issued to individuals completing the class and passing the short test.

How do I pre-register for the Grease Interceptor/Grease Trap Certification Class?

Download and complete the Grease Interceptor & Grease Trap Certification Class registration form (currently unavailable).

Deadline: Forms must be received by third Friday in March & September.

  • Email the company name and the names of the individuals that will be attending the certification class to
  • Or FAX the completed form to 615-862-4581

Note: Please pre-register soon. Seating is limited and registration may close early if the limit is reached before the deadline. If you have any questions, or need additional information, contact Metro Water Services, Environmental Compliance Section at 615-862-4590.