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Water Services

Surcharge rates for excessive strength wastewater

In accordance with the Federal Clean Water Act, dischargers of wastewater with excessive concentrations of compatible pollutants to the municipal sewer collection system are required to pretreat their excessive strength waste to allowable limits. In lieu of pretreatment, dischargers are allowed to pay a surcharge on excessive strength compatible waste as long as Metro Water Services has adequate capacity in its facilities to treat such waste.

The following rates per pound are in effect:

Item-Cost per Pound

  • Biochemical Oxygen Demand-$0.3264*
  • Suspended Solids-$0.1657*
  • Oil and Grease-$0.1657*
  • Ammonia-$0.4406*

* Effective on September 1, 2014

The cost study that was used to determine the new rates is available for your review at the library in the Metro Water Services Whitson Administration Building (1600 2nd Ave. N.) and the Metropolitan Clerk's Office.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Ted Taylor by calling 615-862-4590.