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Water Services

Aerial Photographs, Maps & Soil Surveys

The following aerial photographs are available at this office:

  • 1949 (historical)
  • 1963 (historical)
  • 1971 (historical)
  • 1975-1982 Flight maps
  • 1997 (on-line)

The maps available for viewing at this office are:

  • Flood Insurance rate Maps (FEMA)
  • Topographical maps (USGS)
  • National Wetlands Inventory Maps (US Fish and Wildlife)
  • Davidson County Soil Survey Maps (NRCS)

A limited number of soil survey sheets are available. The Davidson County Soil Survey was published in 1981.

Visit Soil Data Mart!

We welcome appointments! For your convenience, please call at 615-880-2030 before you visit our office. Or e-mail Carol Edwards.