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Water Services

Pollution Prevention Community Guidance

You can prevent pollution in our waterways by keeping these pollutants from going into drains and ditches:

  • Dog waste contains harmful bacteria such as E. coli. Pick it up and put it in the trash.
  • Lawn chemicals can be harmful to and kill fish and other wildlife. Always read and follow instructions on the label when using chemicals around your home. Learn more about proper lawn and garden maintenance.
  • Yard Waste like cut grass and leaves can disturb natural habitats harming fish and other wildlife. Don’t dump it; dispose of yard waste properly. Composting is both good for the environment and great for your garden. You can also have your yard waste picked up. Public Works has scheduled curbside brush pick-up throughout the year.
  • Litter not only makes our waterways trashy, it can carry harmful chemicals. Pick up litter, especially near storm drains and ditches, and keep bin lids secure. Learn how you can volunteer to help keep Nashville beautiful.
  • Paint, oil, and cleaners contain chemicals that can be harmful to fish and wildlife. These containers may leak and should be stored inside. You can wash non-oil based products in the sink. Never dump motor oil down the drain. You can recycle motor oil at home or bring it to one of the state’s used oil and antifreeze collection sites. Nashville also provides safe disposal of most hazardous household wastes at one of the city’s two household hazardous waste disposal locations.
  • Car wash water can contain harmful chemicals. Wash your car at a car wash or on your lawn where the water can soak into the ground, but never near a storm drain.

Additional Resources for Residents

Why should you scoop the poop?

Download this fact sheet about dog waste for more information about why it is so important to scoop the poop.

Report a Concern

To report water pollution within streams, storm drains, or storm ditches, please call 615-880-2420 or email