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Recycle Construction and Demolition Material

Recycling refers to using waste material as raw material for new products. Do your materials have a valuable end market? What are the monetary savings associated with recycled – as opposed to virgin – material streams? Waste from construction and demolition projects is highly recyclable, and Nashville offers several options for recycling these materials.

How to Set Up Jobsite Recycling

A jobsite recycling program starts from the very beginning of a project concept and requires planning, leadership, and proper training and education to be successful. To set up a successful program…

Make Recycling a Priority

  • Design your project with recycling in mind by setting recycling goals and communicating those goals throughout from the first concept meeting through the design process.
  • Include requirements for recycling when bidding out your project.
  • Set up your jobsite for successful recycling by selecting a team lead, involving subcontractors, and talking about your recycling expectations at every meeting.

Make a List of Material to Be Recycled

  • Identify recyclers and haulers that will help you meet your recycling goals. Check out our Recycling and Reuse Options Chart for a list of all local options.
  • Consider other resources to reduce your waste like the Tennessee Materials Marketplace or work with your designer or architect to see if you can use manufacturer take-back programs for excess material.

Make a Recycling Plan in Writing

A few items to include:

  • How much and what types of waste your site will generate?
  • What goals do you have for recycling and reducing waste? Our Waste Audit Worksheet can help you set goals for your recycling program.
  • How will you haul and recycle your material?
  • Who will lead and coordinate your recycling program?
  • How many dumpsters or containers will you need and where will they go?
  • Do you have clear signage for containers?
  • How will you train and education every crew member that comes on site about how to recycle properly on your jobsite?
  • What documentation do you need to keep of your progress?

Make Adjustments as Needed

  • Monitor dumpsters to ensure recycling is happening correctly.
  • Check in with your subcontractors to see if there are any issues with the recycling program that need to be addressed.
  • Track your progress to make sure you are on target to meet your goals.