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Reduce Construction and Demolition Waste

Reduce refers to minimizing excess material on a jobsite. Does the building owner have furniture from their previous tenant that you can use? Are there opportunities to “do more with less”? These are some thoughts that go into reducing construction and demolition waste on a jobsite.

A few ways you can reduce your waste on a jobsite:

  • Reduce extra inventory – only buy what you need when it comes to construction materials and finishes.
  • Reuse an existing building – adapt a building that already exists for a new use that meets the needs of your project. Rehabilitating historic properties can also include a financial benefit through tax incentives and grant opportunities.
  • Use modular or prefab construction – incorporate construction methods that design out waste through a factory-controlled process that is not impacted by weather conditions, theft, or loss of material on a job site.
  • Design for deconstruction - use construction methods that allow for disassembly at the end of a building’s life.
  • Reduce packaging – work with suppliers or require suppliers to reduce nonessential packaging on project materials.
  • Be organized – keep your jobsite clean and organized to prevent lost or broken material (e.g. 5S program).
  • Utilize Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) – estimates the impact of a structure from material procurement to building disposal.