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Reuse Construction and Demolition Material

Reuse refers to using a material again after its ‘first life.’ Can certain materials have additional purposes beyond their first use? Is there value in a product after it has been used a first time? Material reuse is an alternative to sending items to a landfill. It is made easier by deconstruction as an alternative to demolition. Once materials are taken from a demolition or deconstruction project, they can be reused on site, donated, or sold for reuse.

On-site Reuse

Crushed concrete or crushed asphalt are great examples of material that can be reused on-site for infrastructure and drainage projects. Wood or land clearing debris can be mulched and used on site for drainage and landscaping needs. 

Donation or Sale of Materials for Reuse

Building materials such as brick, architectural details, wood, and more are valuable materials that can be used in new construction, rehabilitation, or renovation projects. Additionally, fixtures, furniture, and appliances can continue to have a useful life through salvage and reuse.

A few programs and organizations that take material for reuse in Nashville include: