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Event Recycling Container Loaner Program

Recycling Container

Recycling at your next event and need some containers? We have an event recycling container and a food waste collection container loaner program.

Event Recycling Container Reservation Form

About the Event Recycling Containers

Availability: Event Recycling/Food Waste Containers are reserved on a first-come-first served basis and requests should be made at least one week in advance of the requested pickup day.

Pick Up and Return Policy: The person reserving the event containers is responsible for arranging to pick up and return the containers between 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday at the warehouse located in the back of the parking lot behind 750 S. 5th Street.

Missing Items Policy: A $50 replacement fee will be charged for missing event containers.

Recyclables collected from your event can be dropped off at one of the recycling drop-off sites. Please only collect paper, plastic bottles and containers, metal cans and aluminum cans in the event recycling containers.

Food waste must be taken to a compost facility or picked up by a company that provides food waste collection. Food waste cannot be taken to Metro drop-off sites for composting. The event organizer is responsible for ensuring any food waste collected is sent to a compost facility. Download a list of known food waste collection and composting companies.

Greening Your Next Event by Reducing Waste and Recycling

cardboard box

Cardboard must be recycled!

Per Metropolitan Code 10.20.095 cardboard cannot be placed in waste containers.

Below are some basic guidelines that will help you successfully manage the waste and recycling collection at your event.

  • Appoint a staff person or volunteer over the waste and recycling for the event.
  • Determine what types of waste you will have and what can be recycled. Check with vendors to see what types of material they will be using.
  • Communicate your waste and recycling plan to event staff, sponsors and vendors to ensure everyone is on board.
  • If your event will have exhibitors, ask them to limit handouts and other items that may end up as waste or litter.
  • Determine the best collection methods for trash and recycling and if you need to contract with a contractor for collection services.
  • Label containers clearly so that participants and vendors know what can be recycled at the event.
Container Guidelines by Number of Attendees
Number of Attendees Trash Containers Recycling Containers
less than 1,000 10 10
1,000-5,000 20 20
5,000-10,000 30 30
10,000-20,000 40 40
greater than 20,000 60 60
  • Place trash and recycling containers together. There should be an recycling container for every trash container throughout the event area.
  • If possible, have volunteers or event staff at each trash/recycling container to educate attendees. Identify an area for vendors to place cardboard for recycling.
  • Promote recycling from the stage.

Per Metropolitan Code 10.20.095- All cardboard must be recycled and cannot be placed in trash containers.

Private Waste and Recycling Providers

Find contact information on area recyclers that will provide collection service for paper, cardboard, plastic, cans and food waste.

Event recycling trailer