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Writers Information

Thank you for your interest in the Encyclopedia of Nashville and Davidson County, also known as the Nashville Encyclopedia. The Nashville Encyclopedia is a joint venture of the County Historian, Mayor’s Office, Metropolitan Historical Commission, Nashville Public Library, and Metro Information Technology Services. We are excited about the interest and promise of this project, and are glad you have chosen to be a part of sharing Nashville’s history. The following items are designed to be of assistance to our authors and editors during the research, writing, and submission stages of the project.

Contact with your interest. You may indicate your research interest and ask to be assigned needed articles. The priority topics for the encyclopedia have been taken from John Egerton's book, Nashville: The Faces of Two Centuries. The text of this book is available in the Writer's Documents section on the left side of this page. Make sure that your topic selection is confirmed by a response from the above email address before researching and writing.

Writing Tips

Each entry should be from 500-700 words in length. We cannot accept entries longer than 750 words.

The emphasis of all the entries is the subject's importance to Davidson County's history. If you need additional suggestions as to sources, please call or email Carole Bucy, (615) 476-8551 or

  1. Read what John Egerton said about your subject in Nashville: The Faces of Two Centuries. Reading the chapter in which your subject appears in the Egerton history should help you with the context of your topic.
  2. Read what is included about this subject in the relevant books in the Bibliography.
  3. Search on the ProQuest Nashville Newspapers site that is available from the computers in the TN State Library and Archives (TSLA).
  4. Check the TSLA website's "Index to Brief Biographical Sketches of 30,000 Tennesseans".
  5. Check the Nashville Room Vertical Files. You will need to ask the person working there to check your subject to see if there is a file about him/her.
  6. Complete the on-line Writers' Release Form.
  7. Write your article and include relevant bibliography. When completed, email it as a word document (Title: LastName,FirstName_AUTHORLASTNAME.docx) to

Content Guidelines

  • Articles should be written in jargon-free prose that will be accessible and interesting a general audience.
  • We are most interested in the relationship of a person or topic to Nashville-Davidson County. For example, Andrew Jackson was a national figure, but this Encyclopedia would focus primarily on his relationship to Nashville and time here. Authors should also give attention to the regional scope of their subjects, especially in Tennessee and the American South. (See the attached bibliography for general histories to consult.)

Paragraph 1:

  1. What is this person or subject's place in Nashville/Davidson County history?
  2. A little historical context as appropriate: At the time of this event or at the time this person lived, what was going on in Nashville/Davidson County? In Tennessee? In the U.S.?

Paragraph 2: Basic biographical information if appropriate.

  1. Date and place of birth
  2. Education
  3. Coming to middle Tennessee and professional life (if appropriate)
  4. We do not really need a list of all of the person's survivors unless one or two are really important. Entries should not read as a newspaper obituary.

Paragraphs 3-4 (or as many as necessary): Explanations of actions and significance of those actions

Last Paragraph: Conclusion

  1. Subject's last years (if a person)
  2. Date and place of death
  3. Place of burial

Further Reading: 1-2 books that someone who wanted to learn more might read

Sources Used in Writing this Entry: This list will not be included on the Encyclopedia website, but will be retained on file.