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Writers Release Form

See Guidelines for Writers for detailed information regarding article research and creation.

I intend to create one or more historical articles or works for the online history encyclopedia regarding Nashville and Davidson County, and will submit those articles or works with the expectation and intent that they may be edited and then posted on the Internet, to be available free of charge to the general public.  There shall be no restrictions on the use of the articles or works, and I understand that there is no guarantee that the articles or works will be posted or remain on the website.

I give permission to the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County to edit, post, and publish in electronic form or otherwise the contents of each such article or work that I prepare and submit. I understand that I will not have authority over the manner in which the article or work is edited by the Metropolitan Government prior to posting or publishing.  I give the Metropolitan Government permission to edit my articles or works without restriction.  It is my intent to retain the copyright and ownership to the articles or works but transfer to the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County a non-exclusive license to use the articles or works that I submit for the purposes described above.

I guarantee that I have good and marketable title to both the physical and intellectual property components of the articles or works and certify that the articles or works are unencumbered, and I am fully authorized to make this gift.  I hereby release and indemnify the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, its employees, officials, agents and representatives from any and all claims or demands arising out of or in connection with the use of those articles or works submitted by me, in original or edited form, including but not limited to any claims for defamation, copyright violation, invasion of privacy or right of publicity.

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