An ordinance accepting a $70,000 payment from Seven Springs Associates, LLC, for improvements to Cloverland Drive.

Whereas, on October 26, 2000, the Metropolitan Planning Commission approved certain revisions to the to the preliminary plan, conditional final approval for a phase and final plat approval to development abutting the north margin of Old Hickory Boulevard opposite Cloverland Drive for Highwood Properties, Inc.; and

Whereas, among the conditions to which said approval was subject was a requirement that Seven Springs Associates, LLC, submit a letter of commitment by October 31, 2000, to the Department of Public Works indicating a commitment to provide $70,000 for certain improvements to Cloverland Drive, specifically construction of a left-hand turn lane and acquisition of necessary right-of-way for said construction; and

Whereas, a letter pursuant to the conditions set by the Planning Commission was furnished to the Department of Public Works on or about October 24, 2000; and

Whereas, Seven Springs Associates LLC desires to provide the $70,000 payment at this time and it is in the interest of the Metropolitan Government to accept said payment.

Now, therefore, be it enacted by the Council of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County:

Section 1. The Metropolitan Government is authorized to accept a payment in the amount of $70,000.00 from Seven Springs Associates, LLC., which amount is to be applied in its entirety for improvements to Cloverland Drive.

Section 2. This Ordinance shall take effect from and after its passage, the welfare of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.

Sponsored by: Don Knoch & Howard Gentry


Introduced: January 16, 2001
Passed First Reading: January 16, 2001
Referred to: Budget & Finance Committee
Public Works Committee
Passed Second Reading: February 6, 2001
Passed Third Reading: February 20, 2001
Approved: February 22, 2001
By: Mayor Bill Purcell