An ordinance to amend Sections 17.04.060 (Definitions of General Terms), 17.08.030 (District Land Use Tables: Commercial Uses), and 17.16.070.I (Uses Permitted with Conditions (PC): Commercial Uses) of Title 17 of the Metropolitan Code of Laws, the Zoning Ordinance of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, by creating a new land use "Mobile Storage Unit" (2000Z-032T), all of which is more particularly described herein.


SECTION 1. That Title 17 of the Code of Laws of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, be and is hereby amended as specifically described in Exhibit A, attached hereto and incorporated herein; and

SECTION 2. BE IT FURTHER ENACTED, That this ordinance take effect immediately after its passage and such change be published in a newspaper of general circulation, the welfare of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.


Mobile Storage Unit

· By amending Section 17.04.060 (Definitions of general terms) to add "Mobile Storage Unit" in alphabetical order as follows:

Mobile Storage Unit means the purchase, lease, or rental of any storage unit, trailer, or container that is either set on the ground or on wheels, and which is typically used for, but is not limited to the storage of equipment, excess inventory, layaway items, back-to-school merchandise, seasonal merchandise, records, or clearance sale items. A mobile storage unit excludes containers belonging to a railroad or barge operation located in a railroad yard, on a railroad track, and on or near a navigable river.

· By amending Section 17.08.030 (District land use tables: Commercial Uses) by adding "Mobile Storage Unit" as a PC (permitted with conditions) to the MUL, MUG, MUI, ORI, CL, CS, CA, CF, CC, SCC, and SCR zoning districts.

· By amending Section 17.16.070.I (Uses Permitted with Conditions (PC): Commercial Uses) to add "Mobile Storage Unit" in alphabetical order as follows:

Section 17.16.070

I. Mobile Storage Unit.
1. Within any calendar year, a lot of record shall have a maximum of one storage event for all units located on that lot. An event is defined as a storage period totaling no more than 90 days for all units. The storage period begins the day the first unit is located on the site and terminates 90 days thereafter regardless of how recently additional units may have been added to the existing storage area. If all units are removed prior to the 90-day period on a lot, the storage period shall have been deemed to have occurred for that calendar year.
2. All units shall be maintained in a good state of repair and appearance.
3. All units shall be located at the rear or side of a building where excess parking exists.
4. No unit shall be located in or prevent the use of a required parking space or drive aisle.
5. No unit shall be stacked on top of another unit.
6. No signage or advertising may be placed on the unit except the name and phone number of the rental or leasing company from whom the unit is being leased or rented.

Sponsored By: Phil Ponder


Introduced: April 3, 2001
Passed First Reading: April 3, 2001
Referred to: Planning Commission - Approved 7-0 (12/7/00)
Planning & Zoning Committee
Passed Second Reading: May 1, 2001
Passed Third Reading: May 15, 2001
Approved: May 16, 2001
Effective Date: May 23, 2001