An ordinance to abandon four triangular-shaped pieces of public right-of-way each measuring 48 square feet and two 5 foot public utility easements on parcels 293 and 485 on tax map 82-9, located between Monroe Street, Madison Street, Fifth Avenue North, and Alley #202 (Proposal No. 2001M-106U-08), all of which is more particularly described herein.

WHEREAS: It is the desire of all the abutting property owners that said abandonment of right-of-way and easements be accomplished as were previously dedicated on a subdivision plat called "Germantown - Fifth Avenue being a Resubdivision Lots 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, and 77 D.T. McGavock's Addition to Nashville
(97S-104U) approved on October 15, 1997 by the Metro Planning Commission, recorded in Book 9700, Page 489.

WHEREAS: There is no future need for said portion of public right-of-way and public utility easements for Metropolitan Government purposes.


SECTION 1. That the Official Street and Alley Acceptance and Maintenance Map for The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, as enacted by Ordinance No. BL2000-526, be and is hereby amended, as follows:

That public right-of-way measuring 48 square feet be abandoned at four intersections:
1) northeast corner of Monroe Street/Fifth Avenue North, 2) northwest corner of Monroe Street/Alley # 202, 3) northeast corner of Madison Street/Fifth Avenue North, and 4) northwest corner of Madison Street/Alley # 202, all of which is more particularly described by lines, words and figures on the sketch which is attached to and made a part of this ordinance as though copied herein, is hereby closed.

SECTION 2. That the five foot public utility easement on parcel 293's frontage along Monroe Street from Fifth Avenue North to Alley #202 and on parcel 485's frontage along Madison Street from Fifth Avenue North to Alley #202 be abandoned

SECTION 3. BE IT FURTHER ENACTED, That the Director of the Department of Public Works be and is hereby authorized and directed, upon the enactment and approval of this ordinance, to cause said change to be made on said Map as set out in Section 1 of this ordinance, and to make notation thereon of reference to the date of passage and approval of this amendatory ordinance.

SECTION 4. BE IT FURTHER ENACTED, That this ordinance take effect immediately after its passage, the welfare of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.

Sponsored By: Leo Waters

Amendment No. 1


Ordinance No. BL2001-865

Mr. President:

I moved to amend Ordinance BL2001-865 as follows:

1. By deleting Section 2 thereof in its entirety and renumbering all succeeding sections accordingly.

2. By deleting the sketch attached thereto and substituting in lieu thereof the sketch attaced to this amendment.

Sponsored by: Leo Waters
Amendement Adopted: November 20, 2001


Introduced: October 16, 2001
Passed First Reading: October 16, 2001
Referred to: Planning Commission - Approved 8-0 (10/30/01)
Traffic & Parking Commission - Approved
Public Works Committee
Planning & Zoning Committee
Amended: November 20, 2001
Passed Second Reading: November 20, 2001
Passed Third Reading: December 4, 2001
Approved: December 5, 2001
By: Mayor Bill Purcell