An ordinance establishing the Council Afterschool Initiative, creating the Council's Taskforce on Out-of-School Time and Youth Success, authorizing the approval of a contract, by resolution, between the Metropolitan Government and Vanderbilt Child and Family Center for services in developing the Council Afterschool Initiative, and authorizing funding for said contract.

WHEREAS, the Council appropriated a reserve of $250,000 in the current operating budget for Council Neighborhood Aftercare; and
WHEREAS, the Council desires to provide for a pro-active effort on afterschool issues to address the growing issues surrounding opportunities for our youth during out-of school hours; and
WHEREAS, the Council desires to create a taskforce composed of Members of Council, youth, parents, your professionals and community organizations to work with the Madeline Project and the Vanderbilt Child and Family Center to achieve these goals.


SECTION 1. There is hereby created and established the Council Afterschool Initiative which shall provide for a pro-active effort on afterschool issues to address the growing issues surrounding opportunities for our youth during out-of school hours.

SECTION 2. There is hereby created the Council's Taskforce on Afterschool Time and Youth Success (the "Task Force"). The Vice Mayor based on recommendations from Members of Council will appoint the Taskforce. It will consist of the following members:

Five members of the Metro Council;
Youth who are participants or would be participants in after school programming (at least two would be appointed from the Mayor's Youth Council);
Parents of after school participants or would-be participants;
Representative(s) from School System;
Representative(s) from Community Resource Centers;
Representative(s) from Youth Service providers i.e. Bethlehem
Center, Oasis, YMCA;
Representative(s) from organized tutoring and mentoring programs;
Representative(s) from Juvenile Justice System;
Representative(s) from community based private businesses;
Representative(s) from mental health providers; and
Representative(s) from local neighborhood centers;
Representative(s) from MDHA;
Representative(s) from Public Library;
Representative(s) from Head Start;
Representative(s) from private child care centers;
Representative(s) from faith-based organizations; and
Other interested community members.

The Taskforce will be co-chaired by a member of the Council and an individual from the community. The Vice Mayor will appoint the co-chairs. The Council will contract with the Child and Family Center and the Child and Family Center will work with the Oasis Center to facilitate substantive youth involvement on the Taskforce and extensive community youth input throughout the entire process.

The Taskforce will issue a report to the full Council not later than December 31, 2002. The Taskforce shall cease to exist from and after December 31, 2002.

SECTION 3. The Taskforce will convene through the Madeline Initiative to develop a strategic plan to increase Out-of-School time programming and resources. The activities of the task force will include:

Conducting a countywide inventory of existing out-of-school opportunities and programs;
Reviewing promising practices of nationwide out-of-school programs to determine what would work in Davidson County;
Assessing the feasibility of such programming;
Assessing needed components;
Assessing appropriate locations to serve our youth population;
Determining appropriate coordination for such an effort; and
Publishing of two informational booklets on out-of-school opportunities:
One for parents of Youth 12 and under; and
One for youth aged 13-19.

The Council's Taskforce will work under the Madeline Initiative Steering Committee.

SECTION 4. A contract by and between the Metropolitan Government, for the benefit of the Metropolitan County Council, and Vanderbilt Child and Family Center, providing for logistical support, facilitation, and coordination activities, may be approved by resolution adopted by the Metropolitan County Council by twenty-one (21) affirmative votes authorizing the Metropolitan Mayor to execute said contract. Payments required for the services rendered under this contract shall be made from the Reserve for Council Neighborhood Aftercare account provided in the operating budget for fiscal year 2001 - 2002.

SECTION 5. This Ordinance shall take effect from and after its passage, the welfare of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.

Sponsored By: Jim Shulman, Lynn Williams, Ronnie Greer, Melvin Black, Carolyn Baldwin Tucker, Tony Derryberry


Introduced: March 5, 2002
Passed First Reading: March 5, 2002
Referred to: Education Committee
Health & Hospitals Committee
Passed Second Reading: March 19, 2002
Passed Third Reading: April 2, 2002
Returned Unsigned by Mayor: April 3, 2002