An Ordinance amending Title 17 of the Metropolitan Code, Zoning Regulations, by amending Section 17.40.670, pertaining to bulk standards for single-family structures on lots containing less than the minimum required lot area and adding a reference to Table 17.12.020.D. (Proposal No. 2013Z-007TX-001).


Section 1. Section 17.40.670, Nonconforming Lot Area, is hereby amended by deleting it in its entirety and replacing it with the following new Section 17.40.670

“The following provisions shall apply to legally created lots less than the required minimum lot area.

A. Single Family Structures in Residential and Agricultural Districts. Within the R, RS, RM, RM-A, AR2a and AG districts, a single-family structure may be constructed on a legally created lot that contains less than the minimum lot area required by Tables 17.12.020A, 17.12.020B, 17.12.020C or 17.12.020D, provided the lot contains a minimum area of three thousand seven hundred fifty square feet and existed prior to the effective date of the ordinance codified in this title. Single Family Structures in R, RS, RM, RM-A districts shall comply with the bulk standards of the district within the same classification of zoning district (R and RS, RM or RM-A) in which the lot area would be conforming. If the application of these bulk standards results in a change in the minimum side setback, then the height of the single family structure shall be limited to 35 feet, including foundation height. Lots less than 5,000 square feet shall build to the 3’ side setback for at least 25% of the depth of the structure beginning at the street setback.

B. Two Family Structures in Agricultural Districts. A two-acre or larger lot (or parcel) in the AG district legally created prior to the effective date of the ordinance codified in this title shall be permitted a two-family structure.

C. Industrial Districts. A nonconforming lot in a IWD, IR or IG district that was legally created prior to the effective date of the ordinance codified in this title shall have all development and use opportunities otherwise afforded by this title.”

Section 2. Be it further enacted, that this ordinance take effect immediately after its passage and such change be published in a newspaper of general circulation, the welfare of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.

Sponsored by: Phil Claiborne


Introduced: April 2, 2013
Passed First Reading: April 2, 2013
Referred to: Planning Commission - Approved 6-0
(February 28, 2013)
Planning & Zoning Committee
Passed Second Reading: May 7, 2013
Passed Third Reading: May 21, 2013
Approved: May 22, 2013
By: mayor's signature
Effective: May 24, 2013

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