An ordinance providing the honorary designation of “Mario Ferrari Way” for Lyle Avenue.

WHEREAS, Ordinance No. BL2012-262 amended Chapter 13.08 of the Metropolitan Code to permit the use of honorary street names and signs without amending the Official Street and Alley Acceptance and Maintenance Map for The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, and without requiring residents and businesses to change their address; and

WHEREAS, Mario Ferrari, a Nashville restaurateur and pioneer in fine dining in our city, opened Mario’s Ristorante on West End Avenue at the corner of Lyle Avenue in 1965; and

WHEREAS, during the forty-plus years the restaurant was open, Mario’s Ristorante was host to countless celebrities, royalty, presidents, and political and business leaders from around the world; and

WHEREAS, Mario Ferrari went on to open a number of other restaurants in Nashville, including Broadway Bistro, Casablanca, Wild Boar, and the Stockyard; and

WHEREAS, throughout his career, Mario Ferrari’s restaurants were the recipients of a number of local and national dining awards; and

WHEREAS, in recognition of the significant contributions Mario Ferrari made to the Nashville community, it is fitting and proper that the Metropolitan Council provide the honorary street name of “Mario Ferrari Way” for Lyle Avenue between West End Avenue and Division Street.


Section 1. That Lyle Avenue between West End Avenue and Division Street, which is more particularly described by lines, words and figures on the sketch attached hereto as Exhibit A and made a part of this Ordinance as though copied herein, is hereby given the honorary street name “Mario Ferrari Way”.

Section 2. This honorary street designation shall not result in a change of street address for businesses on Lyle Avenue.

Section 3. The Metropolitan Department of Public Works is authorized to accept payment from private donors for the cost of the honorary street signs, and such amounts are hereby appropriated to the Department of Public Works for the purchase and installation of the signs.

Section 4. The Department of Public Works is hereby authorized and directed to install the appropriate signage designating this section of roadway as “Mario Ferrari Way” in accordance with § 13.08.025 of the Metropolitan Code upon receipt of the private funds to cover the cost of the signage.

Section 5. This Ordinance shall take effect immediately after its passage, the welfare of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.

Sponsored by: Ronnie Steine, Erica Gilmore


Introduced: October 1, 2013
Passed First Reading: October 1, 2013
Referred to: Budget & Finance Committee
Public Works Committee
Passed Second Reading: October 15, 2013
Passed Third Reading: November 5, 2013
Approved: November 6, 2013
By: mayor's signature

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