A resolution honoring the 1999 Glencliff High School "Colts" Football Team.

WHEREAS, this superlative team has completed another ultra successful season of football competition by posting an outstanding record of thirteen wins and only one loss; and

WHEREAS, the Colts marched through their opponents this season, advancing to the state playoffs for the third consecutive year, as a fitting finale to their remarkable 1999 campaign culminating their season by participating in the Clinic Bowl; and

WHEREAS, on Saturday, December 4, 1999, at the Clinic Bowl in Vanderbilt Stadium, the Glencliff Football team were state runner-ups in the Class 5A Championship; and

WHEREAS, the "Colts" team was led by Head Coach Jim Wilson, and Assistant Coaches, Thomas McPhail, Steve Schyck, Greg Abner, Jacques Porter, Jeff Hudgins, Brian Dunning, Doug Hintemeyer, and Athletic Trainer/Managers Jon Tokahashi, Chris Vaught, William Young, Matt Fedun, Chris Groves, Larry Carter; and

WHEREAS, members of the talented team are Antonio Hamm, C.J. Johnson, Reggie Ingle, Derric Harris, Shawn Scales, C.J. Scott, Danny Edwards, Adaris Palmer, Derek Bull, Jeremy Hicks, Michael Craig, Jimmy Pregle, Barry Cothran, Ricky Neuble, Brad Randolph, Derrick Esmond, Lance Cohen, Josh King, Tim Dobbins, Terry Hancock, Justin Johnson, Dallas Buell, Daron Anderson, Casey Konecne, Alan Wafer, Dale Fisher, Corey Edmondson, Chris Taylor, Michael Spurlock, Joe Fitzgerald, Justin Crockett, Sena Omer, DeLorean Jordan, Jeff Easley, Jason Adkins, Jeremy Womble, Jeremy Barnett, Alvin Hawkins, Michael Illarramendi, Matt Smith, Jeremy Gooch, Jamal Patton, Phillip Wise, Herbert Crutcher, Anthony Brown and freshman players Desmond Amacher, Troy Burlason, Chris Hicks, Josh Patton, Greg Rediker, Alrik Spruill, Ronnie Stafford, Jon Dillard, Darron Johns, Gary Lyle, Tim Pendegrass, Jason Stuart, Dearreus Thomas; and

WHEREAS, senior safety/halfback C.J. Scott was named Class 5A Mr. Football Back of the Year, an honor given to the player who exemplifies skill and superior physical ability at the back position; and

WHEREAS, senior receiver/cornerback C.J. Johnson was named winner of the 55th annual William E. Hume award, C.J. exemplified outstanding academic achievement, as well as, superior football skills and sportsmanship; and

WHEREAS, senior halfback/strong safety Derrick Esmond, won Metro’s Tommy Owen Award for exemplifying his unselfishness, love for the game, as well as, his willingness and desire to do anything for the team; and

WHEREAS, seniors C.J. Scott, C.J. Johnson and Reggie Ingle were named all state; and

WHEREAS, this magnificent team performed with precision during the season and earned its well deserved reputation for high standards of athletic achievement, the quality of its play, and the stiff competition which it presented its opponents; and

WHEREAS, it is fitting and proper that the Metropolitan Council honor the 1999 Glencliff High School football team and coaches for there outstanding season.


SECTION 1. The Metropolitan County Council hereby goes on record as honoring the 1999 Glencliff High School "Colts" Football Team.

SECTION 2. The Metropolitan Council Staff Office is hereby directed to prepare certificates to be presented to the coaching staff, managers, trainers, and each member of the team.

SECTION 3. This Resolution shall take effect from and after its adoption, the welfare of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.

Sponsored by: Janis Sontany, Amanda McClendon, Ronnie Greer & Tony Derryberry


Referred to: Rules & Confirmations Committee
Introduced: January 4, 2000
Adopted: January 4, 2000
Approved: January 5, 2000
By: mayor1.gif (1554 bytes)