A resolution accepting $5,914.66 in compromise and settlement of the Metropolitan Government's claim against Wackenhut Security.

Whereas, on June 14, 1999, Wackenhut Security was negligent in its duty to protect vehicles from vandalism located on property owned by the Metropolitan Government and that the breach of that duty resulted in damage to 34 vehicles; and,

Whereas, after investigation, the Department of Law believes that the settlement listed in Section 1 is fair and reasonable, and recommends that the claim be compromised and settled in the amount of $5,914.66 and that this amount be deposited into the appropriate fund and account as determined by the Department of Finance.

Now, therefore, be it resolved by the Council of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County:

Section 1: The Metropolitan Department of Law is authorized to accept the amount of $5,914.66 in compromise and settlement of its claim against Wackenhut Security.

Section 2: This resolution shall take effect from and after its adoption, the welfare of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.

Sponsored by: Chris Ferrell


Referred to: Budget & Finance Committee
Introduced: April 18, 2000
Adopted: April 18, 2000
Approved: April 24, 2000
By: Mayor