A resolution recognizing Ms. Betty Chiles Nixon of Nashville, Tennessee, on the occasion of her retirement.

WHEREAS, on January 15, 2007, Ms. Betty Chiles Nixon, the Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Community, Neighborhood and Government Relations at Vanderbilt University; retired after seventeen (17) years of distinguished, meritorious and effective service, linking Vanderbilt's programs, services, assets and strengths to people, places, neighborhoods, communities, organizations and institutions across Tennessee and the nation; and

WHEREAS, Ms. Nixon's exceptional leadership in public service was made apparent when she became the first woman elected to the Metropolitan Nashville City Council, representing the 18th Councilmatic District from (1975-1987), the first woman to Chair the Budget and Finance Committee in Nashville's history; and was a staunch and tireless advocate for the preservation of Nashville neighborhoods and historic architecture, including the Historic Customs House on Broadway; and

WHEREAS, Ms. Nixon's Civic duty included being Deputy Press Secretary to Governor Ray Blanton (1975-1979); State Manager, Mondale Ferraro Presidential Campaign (1984); Board Member, Oasis Center, (1988-1990); State Campaign Manager, United States Senator James R. Sasser (1988); Professional Staff, United States Senate, Subcommittee on Intergovernmental Relations (1989); Founder, Women in the Nineties (1992); Chairman, Bill Wilkerson Hearing and Speech Center (1995-1997); Board, West End United Methodist Church (1998-2004); President, Nashville Women's Breakfast Club Twice Chairman, Nashville Electric Service (1992;2004); Chairwoman, Davidson County Election Commission (2003-2005); Tennessee State University Business Incubation Center Board (1992-2007); and presently serves on the Board's of Citizen's Bank Advisory Board; Youth Encouragement Services (2005); YMCA Black Achievers; Chairwoman, Tennessee Women's Political Caucus; The Rochelle Center; Advisory Board, Bill Wilkerson Center; Alcohol and Drug Council of Middle Tennessee; Project Pencil; Nashville Institute for the Arts; The United Way; and

WHEREAS, no stranger to awards and accolades during her extraordinary career, Ms. Nixon has been honored with several high honors, including The Athena Award (1998); YWCA Woman of Achievement Award (1995); and Who's Who in American Women and

WHEREAS, in respectful tribute to this esteemed lady, Vanderbilt has made the decision to name the conference room at the Community, Neighborhood and Government Relations House the "Betty C. Nixon Center for Community Connections" in her honor; and

WHEREAS, Ms. Nixon is an educator, having earned her Bachelor's Degree in Education from Southern Methodist University and taught in the public schools; and her Master's Degree in Business from Vanderbilt University's Owen Graduate School of Management. She is married to Mr. Henry Clark, and they have five children; Mignon Nixon; Anne Nixon; Hank Clark; Becky Fuller and Susan Clark, and two grandchildren, Maren and Flynn;

WHEREAS, it is fitting and proper that the Metropolitan Council recognizes and says thank you to Ms. Nixon for leading such a distinguished life of service to Nashville; the people of Tennessee and our great nation and may the joys of retirement from Vanderbilt University lead to a life of leisure, as you devote the wisdom born of your experience, considerable talent and energy, to other efforts deemed worthy of your esteemed consideration.


Section 1. The Metropolitan Council hereby goes on record as recognizing Ms. Betty Chiles Nixon of Nashville, Tennessee, on the occasion of her retirement. .

Section 2. The Metropolitan Clerks Office is directed to prepare a hand-lettered scroll to be presented to Ms. Betty Chiles Nixon upon her retirement.

Section 3. This Resolution shall take effect from and after its adoption, the welfare of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.

Sponsored by: Ludye Wallace, Ronnie Greer, Rip Ryman, Jim Shulman, Jim Forkum, Brenda Gilmore


Referred: Rules & Confirmations Committee 
Introduced: March 6, 2007
Deferred: March 6, 2007
Adopted: March 20, 2007
Approved: March 21, 2007