A resolution authorizing the Metropolitan Department of Law to compromise and settle the claim of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County against Comcast in the amount of $1,062,798.20.

Whereas, Comcast Cablevision of Nashville, I & II, LLC and Comcast Business Communication, Inc., and Comcast Business Communication, LLC (Comcast) failed to apply for a business license during 2001-2006 and failed to pay business taxes for those years; and

Whereas, the Metropolitan Government brought suit against Comcast for 2001-2006 business taxes; and

Whereas, there is a legitimate dispute as to the amount of business tax, penalty and interest owed to the Metropolitan Government; and

Whereas, after investigation, the Metropolitan Government Department of Law and the Davidson County Clerk believe that the settlement amount as set forth in Section 1 is fair and reasonable and recommend that this lawsuit be compromised and settled.

Now, therefore, be it resolved by the Council of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County:

Section 1: The Metropolitan Department of Law is authorized to compromise and settle the lawsuit Metropolitan Government v. Comcast, currently pending in the Chancery Court of Davidson County Docket No. 07-1358-II, for the sum of $1,062,798.20, and that this amount be deposited into the appropriate fund and account as determined by the Department of Finance.

Section 2: This resolution shall take effect from and after its adoption, the welfare of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.

Sponsored by: Mike Jameson

Attachment(s) on file in the Metropolitan Clerk's Office


Referred: Budget & Finance Committee 
Introduced: August 21, 2007
Adopted: August 21, 2007
Approved: August 23, 2007