A resolution recognizing the many hard working individuals who initially responded to the May 2nd, 2010 flood disaster.

WHEREAS, giving one’s time, talents and resources to help others in times of crisis has been an integral part of our American heritage, and during Nashville’s recent flooding catastrophe we continued this great tradition of people coming together to help during our community’s most critical hour; and

WHEREAS, thousands of individuals offered their help with various endeavors without expectation of any personal remuneration or recognition other than the satisfaction of knowing they helped others during their time of need; and

WHEREAS, the untiring work and dedication of volunteers like Dr. Kellie Hargis, Alicia Reese, Dr. Sherri Weiner, Andy Ross, Todd Craig, Sandy Irwin, John Duckworth, Leva Duckworth, Shelley Wynn, Emily Wynn and Kim Goert, while certainly appreciated, too often goes without adequate recognition of the valuable contribution that is made; and

WHEREAS, these individuals helped open a makeshift disaster shelter at Bellevue Middle School on the Sunday evening of the flood that ultimately provided food, clothing, medical care and shelter to over 300 misplaced individuals and families and served as a rallying point that people used to drop off food, water and clothing that was distributed throughout the Bellevue community; and

WHEREAS, West Nashville’s Gordon Jewish Community Center was one of the first institutions in Nashville to offer its facilities to be used as an official shelter, where literally thousands of flood victims were provided food, lodging and medical care; and

WHEREAS, Bellevue Church of Christ, Bellevue Baptist, Bellevue United Methodist and Crosspoint Churches all provided shelter, food and volunteers to help victims and restore the Bellevue Community; and

WHEREAS, volunteers are exemplified by individuals such as these, and although the efforts of many are recognized and honored here, our observation is not intended to ignore the efforts of those who worked without recognition, acclaim, or accolades. Our recognition of these people’s specific efforts extends beyond them and thus is also symbolic, therefore, of the efforts of the countless thousands who gave and continue to give tirelessly of themselves in the aftermath of the recent flood; and

WHEREAS, their spirit of volunteerism, remarkable compassion and self sacrifice is a tribute to Nashville and has helped ensure the recovery and revitalization of their community; and

WHEREAS, it is fitting and proper that the Metropolitan Council recognizes the many selfless volunteers not only throughout Bellevue but the entire city of Nashville who truly gave those in need a helping hand.


Section 1. The Metropolitan Council hereby goes on record as recognizing the many hard working individuals who initially responded to the May 2nd, 2010 flood disaster.

Section 2. This Resolution shall take effect from and after its adoption, the welfare of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.

Sponsored by: Eric Crafton, Bo Mitchell, Charlie Tygard, Ronnie Steine, Phil Claiborne, Vivian Wilhoite, Duane Dominy


Referred: Rules & Confirmations Committee 
Introduced: July 6, 2010
Adopted: July 6, 2010
Approved: July 8, 2010