A resolution recognizing Senator Douglas Henry on the occasion of his retirement as a Tennessee State Senator.

WHEREAS, a native Tennessean born in Nashville, Douglas Henry, a giant in the state legislature whose tenure goes back six decades, received his Bachelor of Arts in 1949 from Vanderbilt University, and after a two year delay to serve his country in the United States Army, he went on to Vanderbilt University Law School and received his law degree in 1951; and

WHEREAS, Senator Henry married Loiette Hampton Hume on June 15th 1949 and for the last 64 years has been a devoted husband and father to their six children Emily, Kathryn, Loiette, Robert, Mary Leland and Douglas; and

WHEREAS, marking the end of an era in the Tennessee General Assembly, Senator Henry’s noteworthy 47 years in the political field included serving a single term in the Tennessee House of Representatives in the 79th General Assembly, and since 1971 as an elected member of the Tennessee State Senate where he served the 21st Senatorial District in the 87th through 108th General Assembly until his retirement; and

WHEREAS, Senator Henry represented the 21st Senatorial District – which comprises the western and southern parts of Metropolitan Nashville & Davidson County - for over six decades and during his time in office, he introduced numerous legislative bills which made Tennessee a better state for its citizens, served on a number of committees and has graciously donated his time to many community and civic organizations; and

WHEREAS, Senator Henry has devoted his career in public service to causes impacting women and children. He was sponsor of the nation’s first child restraint law which has contributed to a reduction in injury and death of children in vehicular accidents; and

WHEREAS, Senator Henry sponsored legislation requiring insurance coverage of mammograms which heightened early detection of breast cancer and saved countless lives; and

WHEREAS, Senator Henry was instrumental in securing state funds and raising for preservation of Radnor lake for generations of Tennesseans; and

WHEREAS, respected by his peers and colleagues for his keen insight and commitment to public service, Senator Henry has served on the board of both the Tennessee Historical Society and the Tennessee Historical Commission, involved in the Tennessee State Museum Commission and has worked tirelessly to establish a new State Museum along with numerous other services; and

WHEREAS, deeply involved in his community, he has contributed his time and energies to numerous organizations and endeavors, including the YMCA, the Nature Conservancy, the American Legion, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, and Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital; and

WHEREAS, no stranger to honors and accolades, Senator Henry has received an array of awards and letters of appreciation most notably the Order of the Red Triangle from the YMCA, the first annual Friends of Radnor Lake Environmental Award, the State Naturalist Award from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservations and the John Bragg Award for Excellence in Legislative Service from the Southern Legislative Conference; and

WHEREAS, it is fitting and proper that the Metropolitan Council recognizes Senator Douglas Henry for the great service he has given to this State and wish him well.


Section 1. The Metropolitan Council hereby goes on record as recognizing Senator Douglas Henry on the occasion of his retirement as a Tennessee State Senator.

Section 2. The Metropolitan Clerks Office is directed to prepare a hand-lettered scroll to be presented to Senator Douglas Henry upon his retirement.

Section 3. This Resolution shall take effect from and after its adoption, the welfare of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.

Sponsored by: Emily Evans, Charlie Tygard, Fabian Bedne, Burkley Allen, Sheri Weiner, Josh Stites, Erica Gilmore, Chris Harmon], Davette Blalock, Bo Mitchell, Carter Todd, Jason Holleman, Jason Potts, Duane Dominy, Karen Johnson, Phil Claiborne, Anthony Davis, Peter Westerholm, Steve Glover, Buddy Baker, Edith Taylor Langster, Megan Barry, Sandra Moore, Karen Bennett, Bill Pridemore, Frank Harrison, Lonnell Matthews, Walter Hunt, Doug Pardue


Referred to: Rules & Confirmations Committee
Introduced: February 4, 2014
Adopted: February 4, 2014
Approved: February 5, 2014
By: mayor's signature

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