A resolution to honor University School of Nashville (formally Peabody Demonstration School) on its 100th Anniversary.

WHEREAS, University School of Nashville (USN) was founded as Peabody Demonstration School (PDS) in 1915 and is commemorating its 100th Anniversary with a yearlong celebration culminating in May, 2015; and

WHEREAS, Peabody Demonstration School was created as a division of George Peabody College to provide practical experience for its students and give the school’s students the highest quality primary and secondary education; and

WHEREAS, its founder and first Director, Dr. Thomas Alexander, created Peabody Demonstration School out of the progressive education movement of the early 20th Century; and

WHEREAS, its current building, located at 2000 Edgehill Avenue, was first opened in 1925; and

WHEREAS, fifty years ago Peabody Demonstration School was among the first schools in Nashville to embrace desegregation in its academic and co-curricular programs; and

WHEREAS, in 1974 when Peabody College closed the Demonstration School, parents bought the school and named it University School of Nashville; and

WHEREAS, University School of Nashville remains one of Nashville’s finest private schools with 1,000 students in grades K through 12 grades; and

WHEREAS, University School of Nashville/Peabody Demonstration School has been a continuous active and supportive partner in the broader Edgehill community; and

WHEREAS, University School of Nashville’s Centennial Celebration is entitled: “100 and One: One Student. One School. One Community”:

*USN has spent a century united in its focus on each student for the good of the greater community;
*USN went through the transition from PDS, yet it remains one school, and its spirit and mission are unbroken;
*USN taps into the individual strengths of its students and inspires them to collectively give their best to the world; and

WHEREAS, University School of Nashville/Peabody Demonstration School will hold a culminating 100th Birthday Party and Alumni Weekend on May 1 and 2, 2015; and

WHEREAS, it is fitting and proper that the Metropolitan Council recognize University School of Nashville/Peabody Demonstration School on its 100th Anniversary, and its many contributions to its students and our community.


Section 1. That the Metropolitan County Council hereby goes on record as recognizing University School of Nashville, formerly Peabody Demonstration School, on its 100 years of history, quality education, and contributions to the broader community.

Section 2. That the Metropolitan County Council further congratulates University School of Nashville on the occasion of its 100th Birthday Party and Alumni Reunion on the weekend of May 1, 2015.

Section 3. That the Metropolitan Council Office is directed to prepare a copy of this Resolution to be presented to Mr. Vince Durnan, Director of the University School of Nashville.

Section 4. That this Resolution shall take effect from and after its adoption, the welfare of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.

Sponsored by: Ronnie Steine, Sandra Moore


Referred to: Rules & Confirmations Committee
Introduced: April 7, 2015
Adopted: April 7, 2015
Approved: April 8, 2015
By: mayor's signature

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