A resolution approving Amendment 1 to Change Cost of an intergovernmental agreement by and between the State of Tennessee, Department of Transportation, the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, acting by and between the Department of Public Works, and the City of Millersville for the replacement of Old Shiloh Road Bridge, Federal Project No. BRZ-9312(116), State Project No. 19960-3559-94 (Proposal No. 2017M-005PR-001).

WHEREAS, the Old Shiloh Road Bridge over Mansker Creek falls between the boundary line of Davidson County and Sumner County in Millersville; and,

WHEREAS, Millersville approved the extension of Old Shiloh Road Bridge over Mansker Creek as a public road connecting to Tinnin Road in Davidson County; and,

WHEREAS, the Old Shiloh Road Bridge has fallen into disrepair and has been closed to protect the public safety; and,

WHEREAS, closing the Old Shiloh Road Bridge has made traveling between Metro and Millersville onerous for vehicular traffic; and,

WHEREAS, Millersville has requested assistance from Metro in replacing the Old Shiloh Road Bridge to improve access for Sumner County/Millersville residents along Old Shiloh Road and Metro residents along Tinnin Road in Davidson County; and,

WHEREAS, the Tennessee Department of Transportation (“TDOT”) has proposed that the PARTIES enter into the Off-System Bridge Replacement Program for the replacement of the Old Shiloh Road Bridge, which is funded 80% federally, 19.6% State, and 0.4% locally, for a total estimated cost of $719,232; and,

WHEREAS, the PARTIES will equally share in the 0.4% local match, for an estimate cost of $1,439 each; and,

WHEREAS, Tennessee Law, TCA § 54-11-203, requires that the PARTIES must enter into an agreement concerning ownership and future maintenance of the bridge prior to entering into the Off-System Bridge Replacement Program with TDOT.


Section 1. That the Amended Agreement with TDOT and the City of Millersville, attached hereto as Exhibit A and incorporated herein by reference, is hereby approved, and that the Metropolitan Mayor is authorized to execute the same.

Section 2. Future amendments to this agreement shall be approved by resolution of the Metropolitan Council.

Section 3. That this resolution shall take effect from and after its final passage, the welfare of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County requiring it.

Sponsored by: Doug Pardue, John Cooper, Jeremy Elrod, Burkley Allen

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Referred to: Planning Commission - Approved
Budget & Finance Committee
Planning, Zoning, & Historical Committee
Public Works Committee
Introduced: July 6, 2017
Adopted: July 6, 2017
Approved: July 10, 2017
By: Mayor's signature

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