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E-Permits System

E-Permits System for Contractors

The Department of Codes & Building Safety is pleased to introduce “E-Permits” as an expansion of our services which are now available, online. With this latest enhancement, the department is open via the internet to transact routine business 24/7. Registered users of the E-Permit system may now:

  1. Make inspection requests,
  2. Schedule inspections
  3. Check the status of inspections
  4. Pay re-inspection fees online with a credit card
  5. Apply for ‘trade permits’ (plumbing, electrical and mechanical permits), as well as some building permits
  6. Pay permit fees, and
  7. Self-issue permits to themselves.

Contractors can get registered and obtain a User name and password by emailing or calling our Customer Service Supervisor, Carla Langley-Smith, at (615) 862-6248 with your company name, full address, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address.

Note: Contractors who are currently registered and using the KIVA Net system for scheduling inspections have already been preregistered to use this latest internet enhancement by using their current KIVA Net user name and password.

Access the E-Permits System

Online Permits User Guide

E-Permits Inquiry System for the Public

The codes Department also offers the public access to permit information through a public portal. The E-Permits Public Site is a permit inquiry system which allows the public to view permit and application information online.

Access the E-Permit Inquiry System

Permit Inquiry User Guide