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Emergency Medical Services (EMS)ems patch

Life Saving care right here in your community.

Nashville Fire Department maintains a high commitment of medical excellence for the citizens of Davidson County.

What is an EMT, What is a Paramedic?

An EMT is best defined as a medical professional who provides medical care in the pre-hospital environment, usually in an emergency setting, at the point of illness or injury.

A Paramedic, or EMT-P, is the highest level of EMT. A Paramedic is trained in ALS, or Advanced Life Support, and has the ability to administer a variety of medications to treat a variety medical or traumatic conditions, manage childbirth and high risk emergency deliveries, start IVs/IOs, intubate, perform Cricothyrotomies, needle decompression, cardiac pacing, cardioversion and defibrillation, and interpret/correct EKG's to stabilize certain cardiac conditions.


An Emergency Medical Service (EMS) unit is dispatched through Davidson County 911 communications center in the event of a critical injury or illness.

A medical emergency is an immediate danger to life or health. If you feel that you have a critical illness or injury that requires immediate intervention call 911 without delay.

Nashville Paramedics in the News

Emergency physician resident EMS education

Nashville Fire Department EMS World Expo Ride-Along Program

Welcome to the 2014 Nashville Fire Department EMS World Expo Ride-Along Application.

Listed below are the requirements to schedule a 4 hour ambulance ride-along with the Nashville Fire Department’s Paramedic EMS Bureau. Once you have all the information listed below, please forward it to the email listed at the bottom of the page. Once your packet has been reviewed and approved, you’ll be contacted to schedule your ride-along. Slots for riders are on a first come/first serve basis. Participants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Any qualified conference attendee may participate in the NFD’s EMS Expo ride-along program. All requests must be submitted and completed no later than October 24, 2014. No exceptions allowed.
  2. To participate, all riders must meet the following criteria:
    1. Complete a ride-along application
    2. Must be 21 years of age or older
    3. Provide one of the following. Letter of good standing from
      • Current employer (EMS, Fire, Emergency Dept, Flight Service, etc.)
      • EMS Education Program
      • or background check
    4. Provide a current and valid form of federal/state issued identification.
    5. Possess and produce a current and valid license to practice in their respective state.
    6. The rider should be of good character, not likely to endanger the safety of the public, provider, or him/herself.
    7. Read, comprehend, and sign all applicable waivers prior to your ride- along.
    8. Applicants cannot have been convicted of a felony

Ride Along Application