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Emergency Medical Services (EMS)ems patch

Life Saving care right here in your community.

Nashville Fire Department maintains a high commitment of medical excellence for the citizens of Davidson County.

What is an EMT, What is a Paramedic?

An EMT is best defined as a medical professional who provides medical care in the pre-hospital environment, usually in an emergency setting, at the point of illness or injury.

A Paramedic, or EMT-P, is the highest level of EMT. A Paramedic is trained in ALS, or Advanced Life Support, and has the ability to administer a variety of medications to treat a variety medical or traumatic conditions, manage childbirth and high risk emergency deliveries, start IVs/IOs, intubate, perform Cricothyrotomies, needle decompression, cardiac pacing, cardioversion and defibrillation, and interpret/correct EKG's to stabilize certain cardiac conditions.


An Emergency Medical Service (EMS) unit is dispatched through Davidson County 911 communications center in the event of a critical injury or illness.

A medical emergency is an immediate danger to life or health. If you feel that you have a critical illness or injury that requires immediate intervention call 911 without delay.

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