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Centennial Park Planning

Centennial Park Master Plan Cover

The Centennial Park Master Plan was completed in 2011 following a two year process lead by landscape architecture firm Gustafson Guthrie Nichol Ltd. The plan outlines the future vision for the oldest and most visited park in Nashville.

Centennial Park Master Plan


Master Plan Phase One implementation is underway. The project will focus on two areas within the park:

1. The Cockrill Spring Zone

This area includes half of the park’s West End Avenue frontage. The historic Cockrill Spring (which has been buried and drained to a sewer for a century) will be brought back to the surface. A new pool and rill water feature will create a new destination in the park, with gardens and landscaping organized around it. Spring water will be filtered through a wetland garden before being used for irrigation, with the remaining water pumped to Lake Watauga to enhance water quality. The Cockrill Spring Zone will also include a permanent space for Musicians Corner with seating areas nestled into the site’s natural contours and better utility infrastructure for performances. The project also involves restoration of the park’s historic perimeter wall, new paths, interpretive signs and other enhancements.

2. The Parthenon Zone

This is the area between the Parthenon and Lake Watagua. Currently a spaghetti of roads and parking, this work will consolidate parking into a single lot, create a beautiful new approach to the Parthenon including an entry plaza, add a formal events lawn to the east of the Parthenon, and incorporate new gardens, trees and landscaping. There will be no net loss of parking spaces compared to existing conditions. A new rain garden will cleanse and cool parking lot runoff before it enters the lake.

Phase One will increase the total tree count in the project areas by nearly 300%.

Construction is underway and is scheduled to be completed in summer 2015.

The Parthenon will remain open throughout construction. For information about parking and access during construction,visit the Parthenon webpage.

Centennial Park Phase One