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The Planning Department's responsibilities include working with local communities to create appropriate land-use policies and transportation priorities in community plans, making recommendations to the Planning Commission on zoning decisions, and providing design services and citywide transportation planning to implement sustainable development and complete streets.

The Planning Department is located at 800 Second Avenue South in downtown Nashville, one block north of the 2nd/4th Avenue exit off I-40.

Updated, mobile-friendly "Development Tracker" map is now onlinescreen shot of Development Tracker map

Our interactive "Development Tracker" map shows current development applications across the county, updated daily, with clickable links to additional information on each case. It's now smartphone-compatible, with an easier user interface and the ability to search by current location and export lists - all available here and through the "Development Tracker" link on the left side of this page.

Improvements to Community Plan amendment process coming soon

Effective March 3, applicants for a Community Plan Amendment will have to obtain a Plan Amendment Level and Study Area Determination Letter from the Planning Department prior to submitting an application. This will determine if the application is a Minor or Major Amendment Application and what the required amendment study area will be.

These changes will make the process more efficient and easier to follow – please see the links below for details as the Community Plan Amendment Application Form has also changed. The changes will take effect on March 3, but we’ll be working to accommodate applicants who are unaware of the changes until April 14.

Community Plan Amendment Application Procedures

Updated Community Plan Amendment Application

Determination Form

Inclusionary Housing discussion continues

photo of stakeholders meeting

Planning Department staff are currently preparing legislation for the Planning Commission's review. More information will be posted on our Inclusionary Housing Feasibility and Policy Study page as work on that issue continues.

Music Row Design Plan: share your thoughts

photo of planner explaining map to audienceDetails of progress on the plan so far and a schedule of upcoming activities are on our Music Row Community Meetings page. We've also added two brief surveys to gather community input on draft goals and policy recommendations, and on potential incentives.

Subdivision regulations revisions

Those revisions have been recommended for deferral to the April 28 Planning Commission meeting.

Draft Rural Character subdivision regulations

Example development diagrams

Whites Creek policies

Policy recommendations for the outstanding areas in Whites Creek have been recommended for deferral until May 26. Draft Rural Character Subdivision Regulations and example diagrams are posted below.

The first document linked below is a presentation that was made at a workshop of the Planning Commission and updated for the December 10 Planning Commission meeting. The second document linked below is a spreadsheet that summarizes recommendations.

Currently, the only change to these materials since December 10 is that staff is not recommending any special policies for these areas.

Whites Creek Areas of Interest and Policy Recommendations

Land Use Data for MPC Whites Creek Deferred Properties

Mayor's Workplace Challenge

The Planning Department achieved gold, silver, and gold status in the three categories of the 2014 Mayor's Workplace Challenge, a citywide public and private initiative supporting active and healthy environments, green operations and buildings, and volunteer service inside and outside the workplace.

Mayor's Workplace Challenge logos