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Emergency Service

For emergency service, call (615) 862-4600 customer service representative

  • Available 24/7
  • Report an overflowing sewer
  • Report a leak in the street or meter box
  • Report a broken water line in a street or yard
  • Urgent water quality or construction questions
  • Urgent repair questions
  • Report Flooding
  • Report an emergency drainage concern

Email: Emergency Request



Call: (615) 862-4600 (option 4) to


Call: (615) 313-PURE or (615) 880-2420 - Monday-Friday 7AM-3:30PM

  • Dumping into a storm drain
  • Wastewater discharge into a storm drain
  • Complaint of illegal dumping into the storm sewer system, creek or stream
  • Pollution Prevention Page

If you are seeing foam or an orange sheen in a creek or stream, read these pages before making a report.

After Hours Call (615) 862-4600 (option 3) -- note to the emergency dispatch center that the issue relates to "Stormwater/Water Quality"

Email: Stormwater Quality Issues

Floodplain Inquiry

Call (615) 862-6038 to inquire if a property is in a floodplain.

Grading permit applications (Development Review)

Call (615) 862-4705 or (615) 862-4588 to check status of a grading permit application.