As of October 6, 2020, you will find Metro Council matters at a new legislative information site.

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Metropolitan Clerk's Office

The Metropolitan Clerk’s Office is the official record-keeping agency of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County.

The recorded legislative history of the city, along with all other official city documents, are managed and preserved in this office for safekeeping, archival, and research purposes.

Elizabeth Waites is the Metropolitan Clerk.

Metropolitan Council Legislation

Overview of Duties

The Metropolitan Clerk’s Office was created and established by Article 18 of the Charter to manage and preserve the minutes, resolutions, and ordinances of the metropolitan council and all other documents relating to official actions of the metropolitan government.

The Metropolitan Clerk’s Office is also charged with performing other duties imposed by Charter or ordinance. These duties include:

  • the preparation and distribution of agendas and minutes for each Council Meeting
  • custodian of the Council Member roster and Council Member Committee assignment roster
  • custodian of the board and commission rosters
  • certification of legal documents on behalf of the Metropolitan Government
  • publication of any required legal notices
  • custodian of government documents such as Executive Orders, Council Rules of Procedure and Contracts and Agreements to which the Metropolitan Government is a party
  • lobbyist registration
  • codification process of ordinances and custodian of the Charter and the Metropolitan Code of Law
  • the Records Management Center which is responsible for the proper management, storage and secured destruction of departmental documents
  • issuance of Solicitation Permits
  • secretary for the Metropolitan Council and the Council Board of Ethical Conduct.