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Land Development Applications and Fees

Community Plan fees and Mapping and GIS fees have been moved to their own pages.

If you have a question about a subdivision, a rezoning, or other property issues, please contact the Planning Department front counter at 615-862-7190 or

Payment by cash or check is required at the time of application submittal. Checks should be made payable to "Metropolitan Government."


A bond for public infrastructure improvements posted by the project developer. Once established, bonds can be reduced, extended, reduced and extended, replaced, or released.


Critical Lot Plan

A review of a plan for residential properties in the floodplain or with steep topography showing the proposed house (including garage) and grading contours.

Concept Plan

A preliminary concept of a proposed subdivision of land which may include future construction of public infrastructure.

Final Site Plan

Final Plat

A final plan showing exactly how land will be divided, including the location and dimensions of public infrastructure easements and improvements.

Final Plat (Consolidation)

Same as final plat, except consolidating properties anywhere in the county and creating fewer parcels than initially existed.


A method to reduce a setback shown on a recorded plat, to remove a reserve status of a parcel shown on a recorded plat, and to delete septic fields shown on a recorded plat which are no longer used since property has connected to public sewer.


Zone Change

A change in a property's zoning classification.

Zoning Text Amendment

A text amendment prepared by staff in response to an application submitted proposing changes in the zoning code.

Landmark Sign

A review of a sign proposed for a property that is iconic or historic in nature, but is not allowed by the Metro Zoning Code.

Zoning Letters

$100 for Specific Plan (SP), Downtown Code (DTC), UDO, and PUD zoning letters.

For information regarding zoning of property, please check the Parcel Viewer website.

For information regarding recent rezonings, please check the Metro Clerk’s website.

Specific Plans (SP)

Tier 1

Project is 0-5 residential units and/or less than 10,000 square feet of non-residential uses

Tier 2

Project is 6-25 residential units and/or 10,000 - 25,000 square feet of non-residential uses

Tier 3

Project is 26 or more residential units and/or greater than 25,000 square feet of non-residential uses

Sign and Tenant Finish-Out Permits

A review of a building permit for interior space improvements or review of a sign permit for an individual tenant space or entire property. No signs reviewed if not visible from public rights-of way. There is no charge for this service.

Building Permit Review

  • Fee: $250

Planned Unit Developments (PUD)

New/Revision to Preliminary

Amendment, Cancellation, or Final

Cancellation (Beer PUD)

  • Fee: $200

Building Permit Review

A review of a building permit, demolition permit, tent permit, and/or certificate of use and occupancy permit.

  • Fee: $250

Downtown Code (DTC)

Major Modification

Minor Modification

Overall Height Modification

Bonus Height Certification

Final Site Plan/Building Permit Review

Final Site Plan Review

Building Permit Review

Urban Design Overlay (UDO)

New, Amendment, or Cancellation

Urban Design Overlay Variance/Modification

A review of a major, proposed site-specific change of greater than 20% (minor = 20% or less) to any numerical standard, proposed changes to non-numerical standards, or proposed changes to sign-related standards.

Final Site Plan

A final site plan showing exactly how the development will be constructed, landscaped, and accessed, including grading, stormwater, and signage.

Building Permit Review

  • Fee: $250

Institutional Overlay District (IO)

New, Amendment or Cancellation

Institutional Overlay Modification

A review of changes as described in the Metro Zoning Code, Section 17.40.140.E.

Final Site Plan

A final site plan showing exactly how the development will be constructed, landscaped, and accessed, including grading, stormwater, and signage.

Building Permit Review

  • Fee: $250

Contextual Overlays

New or cancellation

Neighborhood Landmarks

New, Amendment or Cancellation

Final Site Plan

Building Permit Review

  • Fee: $250

Historic Overlays

New or cancellation

Historic Bed and Breakfasts

New or cancellation

Subdivision House Move

Public Chapter No. 246, amending TCA, Title 13, Chapter 3, requires the Metro Planning Commission to review any single-family home being moved within Davidson County into a developed single-family subdivision.