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Planning Department Applications and Fees

For information on applications and fees for Planning Department services visit the applicable page below.

We cannot accept incomplete applications. Payment by cash or check is required at the time of application submission. Checks should be made payable to "Metropolitan Government."

Please contact the Planning Department Front Counter with any questions.

Other Applications and Fees

Historic Overlay and Historic Bed and Breakfasts Application (New or Cancellation): $1,400

Neighborhood Landmark Application: $1,400 ($1,100 Final Site Plan)

Refund Policy

An applicant may request, in writing to the Executive Director of the Planning Commission, a refund of all fees paid. This request will be evaluated against the following criteria by the Executive Director of the Planning Commission or his/her designee:

  1. Minimal time has been spent by Planning staff and staff of all other reviewing departments. For applications that include a large number of parcels, minimal time may be exceeded once Planning staff enters a number of the associated parcels.
  2. The item has not been presented/discussed at Development Review Committee meetings (DRC).
  3. The item has not been publicly noticed.
  4. No staff report has been written for the item.
  5. The item has not been presented to the Planning Commission or any other Boards/Commissions.

If one or more of the above criteria are met, the refund request may be denied. The applicant may then request that an appeal of that decision be placed on the next available Planning Commission agenda (under ‘Other Business’). The Metro Planning Commission will then determine that the applicant is not eligible for a refund or grant either a whole or partial refund of fees paid.

This policy does not cover fees paid to other Metro departments, including but not limited to water/sewer capacity or Sufficiency Review fees. Applicants should consult with each department prior to paying those fees for information on various refund policies.

If a refund is granted, a substantially similar application, as determined by the Executive Director or his/her designee, shall not be accepted from the same property owner and/or applicant for a period of one year from the date of the refund.