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Capital Improvements Budget Planning

About the Capital Improvements Budget

The Charter of the Metropolitan Government for Nashville and Davidson County requires that the Planning Commission submit a list of recommended capital improvements that are necessary or desirable to be constructed or provided during the next six years.

This capital improvements budget is a planning tool to prioritize and coordinate investments in long-term, durable improvements. Investments are considered to be capital improvements when they:

  • Have a lifetime greater than 10 years
  • Cost more than $50,000

Capital improvements include Metro facilities and equipment, as well as infrastructure (capital investments that shape private activities, such as deciding where to live, start a business, or invest). The Planning Commission’s role is most closely tied to infrastructure, which must be closely coordinated with land use regulations.

Metro Planning is continually working to ensure that the Capital Improvements Budget (CIB) aligns with NashvilleNext, is more accessible and transparent, and is data-driven.

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FY2019-20 Capital Improvements Budget

On April 25, 2019, the Metro Planning Commission voted unanimously to submit the FY2019-20 Capital Improvements Budget to Mayor Briley.

Report on Council Requests

The Report on Council Requests for the FY2019-20 Capital Improvements Budget incorporates Councilmember requests for projects during the Fiscal Year 2020 request period. This includes projects prioritized by Councilmembers in the Fiscal Year 2019 Capital Improvements Budget. This report includes two sets of assessments. One assessment is by Planning Department staff concerning how projects align with NashvilleNext's Guiding Principles and Growth and Preservation Concept Map. The second assessment is departmental assessments of requests.

Previous Capital Improvements Budgets

Previous Capital Improvements Budgets