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Fire Department Training Academy

Recruits Get hands on training

Nashville Fire Department Training Academy is the foundation to the educational process of our department. Training is a dynamic process that includes physical, mental and physiological aspects. It is essential for our department to maintain the highest standard of training to have the ability to serve our community. To serve in public safety it takes dedication to countless hours of training.

The roles of the academy in the Nashville Fire Department consist of training and orientation of newly hired employees, annual department wide in-service training, specialized operations and career development.

The Nashville Fire Department currently hires in licensed paramedics and EMTs that will be assigned to Emergency Medical Service Bureau after an orientation period. These individuals have received medical training on their own prior to their employment with Nashville which will expedite their release into field operations.

Scott Lively in uniform
Commander Scott Lively

Recruit Training

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The Nashville Fire Department has in the past hired individuals without previous experience. For these newly hired employees they must spend six months in the fire academy. The first three months consist of training to become licensed by the National Registry as an Emergency Medical Technician that requires the employee to successfully pass the National Registry test to maintain their employment. The last three months consist of fire suppression training. During this time they are required to maintain peak physical conditioning as well as strong academic performance. The fire recruit is required to successfully complete Nashville Fire Academy minimum standards as well as successful completion of state testing to maintain employment. For the majority of the recruits this is the hardest training they have ever experienced in their life. After completion of the program a recruit will tell you that the training was harder than they ever expected but they have an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

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Special Operations Training

swift water training at percy priest dam

An essential aspect in some rescue responses requires specialized training. Special operations training is directed towards specific disciplines that are high risk along with low frequency. The Nashville Fire Department special operations trains in hazardous materials, high angle rescue, confined space, urban search and rescue and surface water rescue to include swift water.

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Nashville Fire Department Training Academy

Chief Training Officer Scott Lively

2601 Buena Vista Pike
Nashville, Tennessee 37218


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