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Department of General Services

The Department of General Services delivers an array of services to all departments and agencies of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County so that they are able to focus and achieve their own missions.

In addition to the services that are so integral to other agencies achieving their missions, General Services maintains a focus on serving citizens. The department directly serves the public with its Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, Socket, and eBid Nashville programs. Regardless of program area or whether service is being provided to other Metro departments or directly to citizens, General Services staff are guided by a commitment to excellent service, environmental responsibility, conservation, and cost reduction.

Departmental responsibilities fall within the following major areas.

Business Support

General Services Administration manages the budget, fiscal, and human resources functions for the Department of General Services. This division also delivers a collection of government-wide, business support services which include: employee access and resources; photographic, postal, and printing services; surplus property management; and eBid Nashville.


Building Operations Support Services (BOSS) provides a number of services: design and construction management; building operations support and maintenance; and ADA compliance information and review.

Fleet Management

The Office of Fleet Management (OFM) ensures that safe, reliable fleet vehicles and equipment, fuel to power those units, and related maintenance, repair, and support services are readily available and efficiently used for Metro business.


The Division of Sustainability integrates sustainable practices, throughout the department’s programs, projects, and operations, to reduce energy, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions. The division also works to educate Metro employees as well as citizens about sustainability.

Featured Results

With its wide range of duties, Department of General Services' accomplishments and successes are many and varied. The following are a few highlights.

Socket program logo with electric plugSocket Program

Socket is Metro Government of Nashville and Davidson County’s sustainability outreach program brought to you by the Department of General Services.

ASE Blue Seal Recognition logo
ASE Blue Seal Recognition

The department maintains ASE Blue Seal Recognition in the OFM heavy vehicle, light vehicle, and ground equipment shops.

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

alternative vehicle graphic:  leaf with wheels

The commitment to environmental responsibility, conservation, and cost reduction is evident in all aspects of departmental business, and staff are focused on and continually learning about ways to ensure leading edge practices. One example is the General Services-commissioned Alternative Fuel Vehicles Study. Another is the placement of electric Leaf vehicles at selected locations for use as "pool" vehicles available for Metro agency business use on a first come, first served basis.

green eBid Nashville logo
eBid Nashville

The eBid Nashville internet auction program, operated by the department, is one of the first of its kind in the nation. As of FY17, over $60 million in revenue has been generated through the online sale of nearly 94,000 surplus and seized property items.

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