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Blue Ribbon Commission


Established by Substitute Ordinance BL2018-1184
Requirements amended by Substitute Ordinance BL2018-1314
Term – 3 years (non-Council Members); 1 year (Council Members)
13 Members (10 voting members; 3 ex-officio members)


The goals of the Blue Ribbon Commission are to identify government inefficiencies, practices, transfer payments, third party payments and subsidies with the targeted goal of achieving budgetary cost savings of $20 million in annual savings. The goals of the Commission should further include identification of potential savings — from both the operating and capital budgets — including one-time and on-going savings.

Meeting Details

The Blue Ribbon Commission will meet on the second and fourth Fridays of each month at 11:00 a.m. until further notice. The meeting location is listed in the event details when events are posted.

Related Departments

Finance, Mayor's Office, and Metro Council


Administrative support will be provided by employee(s) of the Department of Finance, the Mayor’s Office, and any other department designated by the Mayor.


Members List

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