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Health Department

Lost and Found Pets

MACC is committed to reuniting lost and found pets with their families. We take in lost and found pets and stray animals every day. All lost and found pets are held for a mandatory stray hold, to provide you time to come find them or for us to reunite them with their families. If the pet is not claimed after the stray hold, the animal gets released to the shelter and evaluated for placement, including possibly euthanasia.

Stray Holds

  • Without identification is 3 days
  • With identification is 7 days.

If you have lost a pet follow these steps:

  • Report a lost or found pet on Pet Harbor
  • Search Pet Harbor and view animals currently at Metro Animal Care and Control.
  • Visit Metro Animal Care and Control and Fill out a Lost Dog Report. Check the shelter every day.
  • Post signs and fliers. Signs should be eye-catching and include a picture.
  • Post an online Lost and Found listing on other sites.
  • Search online Lost and Found listings every day.
  • Search your neighborhood. Talk with neighbors, local veterinarians, delivery drivers and postal carriers. Don't forget about newspaper deliverers that work early in the morning.
  • Call and/or visit your local shelters. Your pet could have been taken to another shelter.
  • Call veterinarians close to your location. Sometimes people will drop off stray animals if they are unable to get them to MACC.