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Health Department

Septic and Sewage Disposal Systems

Septic and Sewage Disposal Systems seeks to promote and protect public health and the environment through the application of sound engineering principles and practices.

Services provided range from soils interpretation, design of on-site subsurface sewage disposal systems, technical consulting, land use and development, noise pollution, monitoring of percolation tests, groundwater protection, and the promotion of public sanitary sewers.

Working alongside landowners, developers, surveyors and other governmental agencies, the division seeks to develop, review, and enforce the rules and regulations designed to minimize public health hazards, as well as, the environmental impact of subsurface sewage disposal systems.

For more information, click the following links:

Property Information
We need the map and parcel number or tax ID number of the property you are concerned with. If you don't know this number, choose this link for on-line property information.

How Many Bedrooms?
To request basic information regarding the approval date(s), inspection date(s), and the number of bedrooms for which an existing residence is approved.

Warranty Deed
For information that may be helpful to those property owners wishing to divide property or change property lines.

To learn more about the importance of our groundwater and why we need to protect it from contamination.

Property File Search
For viewing scanned engineering services files. If you are unable to find the desired records, please contact us at 615-340-5630 or

MPHD Video for Certification of Subsurface Sewage Disposal System (SSDS) Installer