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Public Works

Recycling Services in Nashville

How Nashville was impacted by International Recycling Markets

Recycling: Myths vs. Facts

Sign representing No Bags in Recycling Carts

No Plastic Bags Allowed in Recycling Carts

Plastic bags are the number 1 contaminant in Nashville's curbside recycling. No bags should be placed in curbside recycling or drop-off containers. Bags of recyclables end up in the landfill! Get more information about curbside recycling including what goes in your curbside recycling cart.

Oops Stickers

To help reduce contamination, Metro Public Works employees are auditing recycling routes and placing oops stickers on recycling carts that have contamination. Recycling carts that are tagged will not be emptied. If you receive an oops tag on your recycling cart, the tag will note what contamination was in your recycling cart. Plastic bags and plastic bags full of recyclable material are the most frequent contamination in Nashville. Please remove all contamination and call back to HUB Nashville at 311 to schedule an additional pickup. Recycling carts may be removed from addresses with persistent contamination or who report contamination has been removed but the recycling staff still find contamination when they check the cart prior to service. Learn more about what you can put in your recycling cart.

Recycling Drop-off Locations

Don't have curbside recycling? Find a recycling drop-off site close to you.

Food Waste Reduction

Approximately 28% of the waste that Nashville residents create each year is food and yard waste that could be composted! Learn about food waste reduction options including backyard composting and food waste drop-off locations for residential food waste.

Brush and Yard Waste

View the Brush and Yard Waste collection information and pickup schedule. You can download the map for your area and sign up for email reminders.

Holiday Trash and Recycling Pickup

Metro trash and recycling customers whose collection day falls on a holiday (Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day or July 4th) will have trash and recycling pickup on the Saturday of that week. Residents who have questions or need further assistance should call 615-862-5000.

Trash and Recycling Collection During Inclement Weather

In the event that inclement weather makes accessing streets dangerous for collection staff, trash and recycling collection will be postponed until it can be safely resumed. Public Works trash and recycling customers should leave their carts out at the curb or in the alley until the carts are emptied. Collection staff will make every effort to resume normal service as soon as weather and road conditions permit. Customers with backdoor service may experience longer delays. Backdoor customers can assist Public Works collection crews by taking their carts to the curb or alley for collection during times of inclement weather. Back door collection will resume once Public Works determines that streets and driveways are safely accessible for collection staff.

Business Recycling

Check out our business recycling page for a list of service providers, waste reduction and recycling tips and more.

The Recycling Process

Want to see what happens when your recycling cart gets emptied? Check out this video that shows how Nashville's drop-off and curbside recyclables are processed and made into new materials.

Find out what goes in your curbside recycling cart and learn about Metro's Recycling Education Room.

recycling cart

E-Waste Ban

Beginning July 1, 2015, electronics waste is banned from waste containers. Electronic waste is highly recyclable and there are multiple electronic waste recycling options for residents and businesses in Nashville to recycle these items. Learn about other changes to trash and recycling collection.

Backyard Composting

Metro Public Works sells two types of compost containers.

Other Information

Safe Needle Disposal

Metro Public Health recommends following EPA guidelines for disposing of used needles, syringes and other sharps at home.

Safe Needle Disposal Tips

Medication Disposal

Safely dispose of your unused and expired pharmaceuticals

Residential Cooking Oil

Recycle Your Residential Cooking Oil with Metro

Old Electronics and Computer Equipment

Residents of Nashville and Davidson County can take all types of electronics including computers and monitors (limit one computer system per household/month), printers, TVs, microwaves, music and video cassettes, computer disks, compact fluorescent light bulbs, and more. Learn more and find electronic waste drop-off locations.

Residential Trash Services

Trash collection service is provided to single-family homes in the Urban Services District of Nashville. Residential Trash Services Information