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For questions concerning payments to employees and related information, please contact the Payroll Section.

700 Second Avenue South Suite 301
Nashville, TN 37210
615-862-6160 Phone
615-880-2805 Fax

Payroll Forms

Complete Form W-4 so that your employer can withhold the correct federal income tax from your pay.

Form W-4 2019

Form W-4P is for U.S. Citizens, resident aliens, or their estates who are recipients of pensions, annuities (including commercial annuities), and certain other deferred compensation. Complete Form W-4P to tell payers the correct amount of federal income tax to withhold from your payment(s).

Form W-4P 2019

Direct Deposit

Current Employees

To sign up for Direct Deposit, complete the Employees Direct Deposit Request Form

To cancel Direct Deposit, complete the Employees Direct Deposit Cancellation Form


To sign up for Direct Deposit, complete the Pensioners Direct Deposit Form

Employee Self Service (ESS)

You now have the ability to review or change your W-4, direct deposits and view / save / print your pay stubs via the new self-service portal. Your HR or Payroll Representative will be (or has) providing you with instructions on how you can access these features as well as viewing or changing your address and phone number.

To learn how to manage these processes there is an online training tool called UPK. To access UPK click on the link below. The username and password for logging into UPK are both "employee".

UPK Training Guides for Employee self-service

If you have any issues, please contact your departmental contact (PR or HR Representative) or email the Employee Self Service mailbox at

If you have completed your training, you may begin using the Employee Self Service portal now.

Staff Directory

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Metro Schools

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