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Stormwater Management Manual

The 2016 Stormwater Management Manual revisions became effective on February 1, 2016. For projects that applied under the previous regulations, the following deadlines must be met:

  • Grading Permit Application submitted to the Metro Stormwater Design Review Section by: 1/29/16, and
  • Grading Permit Application passes Sufficiency Review by: 3/31/16, and
  • Grading Permit Application passes Technical Review (approved) by: 7/31/16

Reminder: After Technical Review approval, a site will have 6 months to attend a Pre-construction meeting and then 6 months from the date of the Pre-construction meeting to obtain a Grading Permit. Failure to meet those time frames will result in the Technical Review/Plans approval being “expired” (per Stormwater Management Manual Vol. 1 - Section 4.3.4).

Please see the following presentation for more information about the 2016 Stormwater Management Manual (SWMM) Revisions:

2016 Stormwater Management Manual Revision Presentation

2016 Stormwater Management Manual

Former Stormwater Management Manual Volume 1

If a project has sufficient site limitations that preclude it from meeting the Low Impact Development requirement, they will need to submit a Low Impact Development Waiver Application electronically to Steve Mishu

You may be eligible for a reduction in your Stormwater User Fee! Please see the Stormwater User Fee Credit Manual for more information.